Thailand · 20 Days · 36 Moments · September 2017

Marinda's tour through Thailand

3 October 2017

We also went and met and visited with Eggs mom.
Saying good bye to Egg at the airport...It's time to leave and this was really hard on us all. We aren't sure when we will see Egg again because he is taking a job and moving to Quatar and doesn't know when he will be back. We all cried many tears.

22 September 2017

21 September 2017

Saying goodbye on Friday is always hard. Yim is in the picture...He's already left Huay Pho and going to mechanic school and learning a trade. They allow him to live-in the dorms at the school and help around the school so he can finish his education. Gita is our not so little boy who used to follow us around when we went to the village and he would tell us with pantomime what houses were safe to go to. He absolutely loves Jono and Kara and sent home a shell for them to use in their wedding at the beach. He always has something for them for us to take home. The girls that are with us we have watched grow up through the 11 years of coming. They are all so so precious.
One of my favorite pictures of the kindergartners telling us goodbye using the international " I love you" sign in sign language
Our surprise...PILLOWS for everyone. While our pillows are too big for our pillow cases the students can still use them and they loved getting new pillows!!! Oh the smiles❤️
The Principal thanking us for coming and teaching English to the studwnts. He likes that we always have a theme and we teach the studwnts about faith, the bee attitudes and this year, Promises.
A new way to wear your pillow case and ring pops are the best!!
Friday, our last day, is always party day!!
We also passed out the white t-shirts to all the students, teachers and Principal with God's Promises on it.

20 September 2017

Decorating pillow cases for a surprise on Friday!
Armor of God Snack Man
Armor of God lessons
Egg, Eddie Ray and Rodney playing a relay game with lemons and spoons that have the different fruits of the spirit written on them
We stopped the van one morning on our way to our school to take pictures of the corn harvest in the fields

19 September 2017

Teacher Doi came to visit us at our hotel and eat dinner with us. She is no longer teaching at our school. She was at Huay Pho from the very beginning when we first started coming. We miss her but happy we got to visit with her.
A walk through the night market in Maesariang.
These 2 boys are very special to us. Their mother had difficulties during birth and they are academically slow. We met them 3 years ago and they couldn't tell us their names so Leona named them...John and Jim, after our husbands...The JJ Boys. We have called them that ever since...3 years later. This year they have actually smiled at us and one of them said the word "cloud" and both said "thank-you" when we handed them their craft which made is very excited.
Learning about the Promise to Abraham and he will have as many descendants as the stars in the sky.
The teachers and our Principal of our school like to get involved and participate with the lessons and crafts.

18 September 2017

Our green God's Promises T- shirts
Pii Lek, our wonderful van driver. He takes such good care of us.
We continued on through the old and new village passing out candy and Bibles.
A walk through our village to pass out Bibles. The people were very receptive and were all smiles. No one refused to take one.
Reading scripture and reading from our NEW Testament Thai / English Bibles
It's great to be a Kindergartner!! They all kept asking Egg when the Farang" were coming with candy. ...Meaning the Americans!

17 September 2017

The Firey Furnance lesson..Shadrack, Meshach, Abendego
Our first lesson...Noah and the promise of the rainbow. We made rainbows using cake gel to squish together.
English Camp sign the school makes one every year.
A welcome dance by the older students to kick off English Camp.

16 September 2017

Dressed up in our Sunday best to go hear Gods Word at the Ministry House.

15 September 2017

Our first meal together in Maesariang at the restaurant next to our hotel with our Interpreters...Fah, Kim, and Egg. It's a great place to eat.
It is time to load up and leave the Empress Hotel in Chiamg Mai and head up the mountain to Maesariang. Loading all our luggage is always fun. Egg came to be with us in Chiang Mai and interpret for us. He is such a servant.

14 September 2017

First day in Chiang Mai...We have much to do...Shopping for supplies and a few sight seeing activities. A visit to the Umbrella Factory is always fun. Team members: Marinda, Leona, Ashley, Betty, Eddie Ray, Sheryl, Rodney
Our flight map on the plane that we watch because we can't sleep and it's a long flight. Leona and I are partners in crime as we lead the team on missions.