Europe · 5 Days · 34 Moments · October 2017

Marina's tour through Czech Republic

18 October 2017

Time to go back :(
And that’s it..

17 October 2017

Of course I caught it
Wedding bits
Wedding bits
Wedding bits
The wedding
Bride driver!
Who gave me the keys...
Wedding prep!
Getaway driver! (Sorry.. bride driver..)
Take the groom for a run she said...

16 October 2017

Nom nom
Wedding venue!
Morning run
The mist!

15 October 2017

Out and about
Out and about
Morning run! View from the top
Morning run

14 October 2017

Mozart’s requiem
Out and about
Bits and bobs
Out and about
Morning run!
Good morning Prague
Before full sunrise!

13 October 2017

Off we go!