United States of America · 4 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

Road trip to Boston

15 June 2017

Went to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the WWII Memorial and the Smithsonian, where the largest diamond is (its blue??) ~Washington D.C.~

14 June 2017

Made it to our hotel, they upgraded my dad to a Presidential Suite bc he's a "platinum member" lol so we were in the Adams Suite, which is outrageously large yet only has one bed?? 23 chairs in the room, I counted, and a huge balcony that connected all the suites on that floor. Beautiful room. ~J.W. Marriott on Pennsylvania Avenue~

13 June 2017

Spent the night in Asheville, NC, got my nails done with gel #fancy ~Renaissance Hotel~

12 June 2017

Ate dinner on our last night in Big Canoe at a beautiful and tasty restaurant right outside of the neighborhood; it was raining so the manager came out to our car and walked us in with an umbrella ~Sourwood~

11 June 2017

Beginning the road trip to Boston, first stop Big Canoe to visit Steve and Susan ~Big Canoe, GA~