Thailand · 11 Days · 5 Moments · May 2017

Marijke-June's adventure in Thailand

19 May 2017

The four islands tour from Ko Lanta has some amazing and not so amazing parts to it. The snorkelling was meh. A lot of the coral was dead :( and the two spots you snorkel at were very similar. I easily could have skipped one and spent more time at this paradise beach (Ko Ngai) or at the Emerald Cove. Once you arrive at Ko Ngai feel free to walk around and away from the crowds! Luckily we went when there were only two groups there so there wasn't much of a crowd to begin with. The beaches are so white and the water is so clear so find yourself a slice of paradise and enjoy! Just make sure to get back to the boat in time or they might go without you (almost happened to us!)

17 May 2017

This view point is clearly one of the most amazing in Thailand! But if you want a picture tourist free you better be there when the doors open at 9am! This place was packed with people learning how to dive. You have to pay and entry fee and you have to pay to rent lounge chairs as you are not allowed to lie on the sand (be otherwise apparently too much sand gets accidentally taken away by tourists and the beach erodes!). We spent four hours here and I was ready to go! It was just so so busy but absolutely beautiful. Next time I'll hopefully spend the money to stay on the island so I can have it all to myself the hours before and after it closes!

14 May 2017

The most breath taking infinity pool on Ko Tao! You can see all along Sairee beach and out to Ko Nang Yuan. If you don't want to stay at the hotel you can enjoy the pool but you most spend a minimum of 500baht at the hotel or just pay it upfront...

10 May 2017

Highly recommend hiking up to the mountain view lookout at Than Sadet-Ko Pha-Ngan Sok National Park on Koh Phangan and then exploring all the amazing rock pools on the way down! The trail is a loop so hike up to the view point first and then go down the waterfall to cool off!

8 May 2017

This hidden gem is called Nature's Miracle for a reason! It's quite the trek to get out there though so be prepared to do some off roading... When you get there you have to pay an entry fee of 100baht (I think it was 100...) and then you have access to this pool and all the waterfall pools behind it! There are also lots of swings and hammocks to play around with!