Canada, Japan · 13 Days · 8 Moments · May 2017

Marie's adventure in Japan

28 May 2017

Five nights in Okinawa is done! We spend days at the beach and exploring, it was a bit cloudy the whole time but not too hot which was nice! We stayed at a house overlooking the ocean! We are lots of yummy food and table and "the shack" lol. As we drove to the airport is was POURING rain. Thank goodness it never did that while we were spending time outside! On our way to Hiroshima now.

23 May 2017

After we got to Kyoto we walked around and went for dinner with shunsan for Amanda's birthday! The next day we got a bit of a late start and went to some temples and then met up with Carley and her parents for dinner! 'Twas lots of fun. Today we leave Kyoto early to go to Okinawa. We just arrived and it's super muggy but not too hot. Going for dinner in town now!

21 May 2017

Have been in Kanazawa for the past two days! Been with Hanayo lots and went for a very long walk the day we got here. Climbed up a mountain! After we went to a craft beer place for dinner Fugos! Yesterday we went to our favourite bakery, walked around the castle and went for ramen and gyoza. After went to a smokey restaurant for dinner. It's Amanda's birthday today! We are eating crepes at the station waiting to go to Kyoto and see shunsan!

18 May 2017

After the long train ride we arrived! We walked around the city and took a bus up to some old buildings that have been around since the 1700. They were shipped from across Japan. We did some more walking after and ate at a local place recommended by a store owner to my mom. I had the best ume shu soda ever! Going to bed now preparing for another train tomorrow morning to KANAZAWA!
Yesterday we went to see sumo! We slept at Motoko's house for the past two nights. We spent the morning yesterday walking around Tokyo and in the afternoon went to sumo. Afterwords we met up with William at a craft beer place called Popeyes's. This morning we woke up early to catch the train to Takayama where we'll spend one night. Will basically be on the train from 8-1 all morning. Not sure what we'll do when we get to Takayama, eat and drink probably!

17 May 2017

15 May 2017

Waiting for the plane at YVR!