Europe, North America, Asia · 50 Days · 12 Moments · February 2017

Maria's adventure ....

11 April 2017

Bhutan the happiest place on earth. Visiting Punakha, Paro and Thimphu. The mountains are carpeted in diverse forests that sing with birds. Come explore this corner of the Himalayas. In April watch the amazing festival.

5 April 2017

Off again will keep you posted 😀

28 February 2017

Time to leave Seattle.
Snowing in Seattle at present.

27 February 2017

Having fun with my friend

26 February 2017

Enjoying the game

25 February 2017

Night life 🤗

23 February 2017

Will we take off in this weather????
Drive just outside the city and you'll find skiing, snowboarding, river rafting, hiking and parks like Mount Rainier National Park, visiting the sites is good way to see Seattle.

22 February 2017

Seattle has 147.52 miles of fresh water shoreline and 53.38 miles of salt water. The average depth is 205 feet with a maximum depth of 930 feet. The average water temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Seattle is a wonderful city with many wonderful attractions.

20 February 2017

Amazing BA flight form London to Seattle.