Australia · 92 Days · 152 Moments · March 2017

Maria's adventure in Moree, New South Wales,

7 June 2017

Our last night stop Roma we are going be home tonight

6 June 2017

Not a gray nomads living Blackall

5 June 2017

Day ended with a beautifull soak in thermo pool in Blackall

4 June 2017

Fantastic day in Longreach
Very nice Sunday and sunny manday in Longreach

2 June 2017

Left Cloncurry at 9am arived in Winton 3pm

31 May 2017

Sun set and sun rise in Camooweal roadhouse

30 May 2017

Stayed over night in Barkly homestead
Good morning in Renner Spring

29 May 2017

Beautiful morning at manoer caravan park Bitter spring

28 May 2017

Left Darwin at 9.15 stop ar Katherine to buy thew thinks then stop for night at Bitter spring had 3 swims dawn
Sunday morning in Darwin we will start hading home

27 May 2017

End of a beautiful day in Darwin
Saturday in Darwin we are going to explore more of town yesterday in museum of wore was fantastic

25 May 2017

Thursday in Lichfield very nice

24 May 2017

And of the day in lichfield
Left Katherine at 9.3o on the way to Leachfeld np

23 May 2017

Fantastic day withe a swimm in Bitter sprink Matarenka and Katherine spring
Bitter spring
Going for a drive to Bitter spring

22 May 2017

Overnight stop at Victoria roadhouse

20 May 2017

Trip to Argyle mine

19 May 2017

Beautiful piatek lake Argyle
Piatek bedziemy jechac do Lake Argale

16 May 2017

Wednesday at Kanunurra
Day ended very nice in Kununurra

15 May 2017

Last night we arrived to Kununurra we are going to stay for few nights
Left Fitzroy lodge at 7.0am stopt at Hall creek for petrol and Ore river

14 May 2017

Free over night camping spot we stayed 5 years ago
Beautiful morning in Derby

13 May 2017

Good morning at Broome

12 May 2017

Wspanialy dzien in Broome
Beautiful morning on the 11th of may in Broome

10 May 2017

Stoping for a night at Sanfire roadhouse
Left Pardoo road house on the way to Broome
Secend part of journey began at 9.25

9 May 2017

Today Chayse is 5 year old

8 May 2017

End of a day
Yesterday evening having a fun in a bath
Driving to Karatha to buy new tires for suzuki
I cant remember name Panawonika

7 May 2017

Beautiful lunch in a pub
Trip to Bala Bala and Whim Creak pub

6 May 2017

Afl practice for Chayes

4 May 2017

Birds listing to the music

2 May 2017

Shopping with Wladziu in Karatha

1 May 2017

Morning coffee with Anna after cleaning and taking Ivy to netball game in Karatha

28 April 2017

Another beautiful time in paradise

25 April 2017

25th of april anzak day very nice afternoon with Ivy

23 April 2017

Very nice day at Danpiar

22 April 2017

Yesterday we whent to Millstream Chichester national park beautiful drive and day
Milstrem Chichester national park

21 April 2017

Lazy day Annas friend came took kids to the pool

20 April 2017

Day ended with nice bbq
Very nice day we visited Dampier and had lunch in Karatha

19 April 2017

Beautiful and of the day on the beach with Ivy and red dog plark
Today Wednesday after rainig day yesterday it's beautiful weather we are going to Karatha

18 April 2017

Tuesday Zane flu back to Brisbane Ivy had craft in library 3d

17 April 2017

Monday ended with drive to Cossacks rain and nice walk with kids to park
Good morning it's Monday looking at the birds

16 April 2017

Easter Sunday beautiful morning

15 April 2017

Saturdays photos plus beautiful diner at Sumson point

14 April 2017

Good Friday on the hanimon beach

13 April 2017

Today playing before going to pick up Zane

12 April 2017

Ivy last night
Wednesday at Wickham going with Anna to Karatha

11 April 2017

Beautiful afternoon at Wickham
Boat beach Wickham on Tuesday

9 April 2017

Two stops for petrol 1 Nanuttara and Fortescue
We done 280k and stop at Nanutarra road house nice coffee and quiche
Sunday 9th of april sun rise at Exmouth time to pack and start driving

8 April 2017

Saturday stayind 1night longer in Exmouth just had a coffee and cake with Wladek

7 April 2017

Around Exmouth it's so meny beautiful places wich we did enjoyed
Family relaxing on Friday morning

6 April 2017

Fantastic afternoon on Thursday 5th APRIL
6th of april family at Coral bay me haveing a swimm in pool coffee later

5 April 2017

5th of april had a great day

3 April 2017

Most beautiful day today
4th of april going exploring on the lighthouse side

2 April 2017

Another perfect day 2ed of april
Second morning in Exmouth it was very hot night

1 April 2017

1th of April we are happy relaxed and wating for family to arive

31 March 2017

Arrived to Exmouth save and sound on Friday 1day earlier then plan but that good we are relaxing buy drinking nice coffee
Morning in Coral Bay it's after 9am we are going to Exmouth tomorrow we will see family I'm getting more exiting

30 March 2017

Beautiful afternoon anding with diner at pub
Arrived to Coral bay at 12.30 very hot
11.45 we past a sine
Thursday we are leaving canavan

29 March 2017

Good morning in Canaven

28 March 2017

After long drive we stop at Canaven
Good morning we are leaving Kalbarie for a next part of ouer journey

27 March 2017

Manday desided to be lazy done same shoping and now reading book

26 March 2017

Sunday ended with a beautifull vew

25 March 2017

We finish beautiful day with capucino
Kalbarri arived at 2pm
Port Gregory
Morning in Geraldton

24 March 2017

Day in Geraldton
Lunch in Dongara
Another beautiful day in wa
Green had dyment bay
Good morning in Jurien Bay

23 March 2017

Northam very nice town
After stoping in a few places we stop at Jurien Bay
We stopt at Meckering
We are going to leave Merredin shortly bit chilly

22 March 2017

Stopt for a night in Merredin tourist park 35$
Walgoolan/Jilbadji pioneer and early setlers place
After spending two nights in Kargoorlie we are going forward to next stop. Caravan park very nice but quite empty.I hope weather will improve and won't hit to much rain

21 March 2017

Wspanialy dzien w Kalgoorlie blast w big pit troche maly ale widzielisy
Tuesday morning we are going to big pit in Kargoorlie

20 March 2017

4pm we are set in Kargoorlie
On a way we stop in Norsman had coffee pie and pizza off course we had to put more petrol
Poniedzilek 20go marca bedziemy jechac w strone Kargoorlie

19 March 2017

Cape le grand wspaniale miejsce warte odwiedzin
SURF club Twilight Bay
West beach
Sunday morning it's been raining hopefully we can go for a drive bit later

18 March 2017

Stopt for lunch Salomon Gums
Norsmen we left after reapering volv on the weel and now going to Esprence
8.40 left Baladonia

17 March 2017

Stop at Cocobiddy
Petrol in Madura
Piatek jestesmy jeszcze in Eucla musimy zmienic opone

16 March 2017

Bardzo dobry dzien zobaczylismy wspaniale wybrzeze przy Nalabo zatrzymalismy sie w Eucla na noc jest tutaj zmiana godziny tak ze juz o 2pm tutejszego czasu zatrzymalismy sie na noc 25 dollars za noc (nocowalismy tutaj ostatnio tez)
8.30 wyjechalismy z Nardoo pozakupieniu benzyny do obydwoch samochodow

15 March 2017

12.30pm left Ceduna
Left Streyki bay after 9am got to Ceduna 11.40

14 March 2017

We arrived at3pm to Streyki bay caravan park very nice very popular and a lot of flys
Beautiful morning at Port Lincoln we are pact and ready to go to a next place on Tuesday 14 March
Good morning

13 March 2017

Same photos from Port Lincoln
Wyjechalismy zPort Augusta jak zwykle okolo 9 rano i przejedziemy okolo 350km do Point Linkoln

12 March 2017

Przyjechalismy do Port Augusta o 3.45
Yumta petrol for 50.51 mamy wiatr wiejacy nam w twarz
Kupilismy benzyne i o 9 wyjechalismy z Broken Hills

11 March 2017

Wczoraj poszlismy zobaczyc rzezby i park bylo tylko za goraco na spacer po nim
Wspanialy dzien widok zgory szkoda tylko ze kawiarenka z informacja zamknieta. Galeria zpieknym duzym obrazem i Pro Hart galeria.kupilam puzzul o mr Hart

10 March 2017

Droga z Cobar do Wilcot
Poranek in Burke piatek dzisiaj bedziemy sie starac dojechac do Broken Hill

9 March 2017

Lunch in Walgett
Za chwile bedziemy wyjezdzac z Moree jest 8.50

8 March 2017

It was hippo stake
Very nice lunch in RSL Moree
Sroda 8go marca kapiemy sie i odpoczywamy w Moree

7 March 2017

Ten to 4 set up in Moree caravan park
Pie w Gore
On the way to Moore
Off we go