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27 May 2017

Week of 5/21 Continued: Unfortunately momma came down with milk fever later that night and thus began a week of worrying and vet visits. Milk fever is a disorder common in jersey cows (which Daffodil is) that is caused when milk production pulls calcium out of the cows' bloodstream and causes paralysis and lethargy. If untreated it can cause heart failure as calcium is necessary for muscle contractions. The cure is simple enough- an IV of calcium and other fluids including magnesium and dextrose. We also used a bolus which is essentially a large calcium pill that releases over the course of a few hours. Over the past few days Daffodil has fluctuated between responding well and poorly. She has had 3 separate IVs and a bolus twice a day which we will continue for the next few days. Currently she is doing well and hopefully will continue to do so. Agricultural Arts classes were cancelled for the remainder of the week so that we could give her our full attention.
This summer I am working at The Hartsbrook School in Hadley, MA where I am assisting the Agricultural Arts/Land Stewardship teacher with lessons until Farm Camp starts in June and I become a counselor. This week there was much to do with the birth of a new bull to our heifer Daffodil! The 10 days of late night checks and worry over her being several days overdue finally came to an end Wednesday evening at 7:00. Though the birth went quickly and relatively smoothly, there were a number of things that were troubling. Firstly, the bull was so huge that Daffodil could not push him out herself and he had to be pulled out by 2 people. Also, the amniotic sac that encases cows when they're born had already broken before he came out, and he was born with his tongue sticking out combined with trouble breathing at first lead us to fear he had drown and was stillborn. Luckily after a few heartstopping moments he started breathing and we were blessed with a healthy bull!

25 May 2017

Lots of baby animals being born this time of year!