United States of America · 27 Days · 50 Moments · June 2017

God Bless Texas

4 July 2017

Dinner and fireworks (Trevor even enjoyed) to end our last night in College Station. I know leaving tomorrow is going to be difficult but we will be counting the days till we see Cliff again in MN!!!! It's been an awesome month. I'm even more excited about our move to College Station now. It's an amazing town with so much energy and wonderful opportunities. I'm seeing a very bright future for our family here!
Started out our last day in College Station (which happens to also be Independence Day) with what else? A 5k of course. We sniffed out this Firecracker 5k about a month ago online and it didn't disappoint. There was a great turnout and despite the humid and hot weather it was a great run and an awesome course too! Beer, watermelon and apple pie at the finish line. A reason to run right? Oh ya and a cool tshirt!!!! Felt good to run another 5k. I have some work to do though I am quite a bit slower than I would like to be. Time to put my running shoes on a bit more so next time I can finish in a faster time! πŸƒπŸΌ

2 July 2017

Enjoyed a walk with Trevor and another movie. Despicable Me 3. It was great! A lot of laughs! We walks to the Aggie Bookstore on campus. Spent some time enjoying the CS surroundings. Oh ya and had a great breakfast from the kitchen of Margo. Haha. Bon Appetit!!!

1 July 2017

Last but not least a little piece of heaven. Magnolia Market. I looked for The Gaines but not surprising it was a packed house and I'm sure they are no where near there today. We hit all the areas and waited in line for quite some time to get into Silo Bakery for cupcakes. It was well worth the wait. So delicious πŸ˜‹ I will definitely be back!!!!! Hour and half from CS.
An absolutely amazing BBQ place in Waco. If you get here it's a must do!!! The pulled pork was out of this world. Kudos to Guy Fieri and the Gaines recommendation!!!! Out of this world!!!
Made a stop at another football stadium. Jack loved it. Got to see the RG III statue and Stadium. Very cool!
We had to do a drive by. It's true history in Waco. I must say it gave me the hibbie jeabies but glad we went by to see it. All so very sad re reading what happened back in '93.

30 June 2017

Walking around College Station at night with most the students gone home for July 4 holiday left it a lot quieter but nice too was very quaint and serene. Love the little pubs, bars, pizza joints, etc on every corner. Excited to try them all out!!!
We finally made it to Dixie Chicken. The infamous Aggie watering hole. We enjoyed the atmosphere of the unique and rustic bar. The live rattlesnake was a great touch. Love the easy life of everyone socializing, saying Howdy as you walk up for another beer. So fun! The food was delicious when I finished my burger and beer I asked Cliff about getting another one he indicated he left the tab open at the bar I was actually wanting another burger. Omg so good!!!! There was a pet dog on the porch named Lucy that Jack took too. She was sweet but eventually left when her owner was done eating. We visited bottle cap alley and looked up the history of that. Pretty cool!!! It all started w the est dumping bottle caps then patrons started. Pretty cool 😎
A beautiful entrance to Texas A&M πŸ‘

29 June 2017

Lunch with my boy! Delish!!!!!
Jack in his element wanting to be President, will be getting ready for 2045..... watch for him on the ticket!!! I'm sure things will be much different by then. He followed along on the audio tour and took the time to listen to almost all the items. It was a remarkable tour. We're so lucky to have this museum right here in College Station. Amazing the impact that the Aggie spirit had on President Bush since he and his father were both Yale graduates.
We had a wonderful experience going through the George Bush Presidential Museum and Library. We learned so much about this spectacular man. I had respect for him and have even more now learning so much about his deep values and integrity. Proud of 41!

28 June 2017

Rabbit hunting.....watching really. I have let him chase a bunch. I don't think he actually wants to catch them. Lol

24 June 2017

More fun at Pleasure Pier! A full day of riding and laughing! ❀️
Pleasure Pier was a huge success. It was a lot of fun having almost no wait on any rides. Kids had a blast. A great day of family fun! Breeze kept us cool!
Sugar Bean treats!
Found this awesome coffee and ice cream shop Sugar Bean in a little area of Galveston that I fell in love with Evia Maria street. The houses and neighborhood were so quaint and lovely. Looked for property probably going to hold off. That's quite a commute for Cliff to College Station. Haha jk.
Started out morning at the Moody Gardens Pyramid Aquarium. It was awesome! So many beautiful things to see. We also enjoyed a 3D IMAX on Sharks. Very cool! It was nice to get out of the hot weather for awhile!

23 June 2017

Arrived in Galveston to enjoy the last of our summer vacation with Dante before he heads north to MN. At the Holiday Inn Vacation Resorts. We were ready for some wine and relaxation. The air is thick but it's a bit breezy and perfect evening in Texas.

22 June 2017

Had another awesome day! Started out of CS about noon. Dropped Trevor at the kennel and headed toward San Marcos. I was expecting small town not sure why but glad I was pleasantly surprised with two big outlet malls. I heard about Centerpiece Station diner and boutique so had to stop. Got an amazing dinner, kids had milk shakes too. I picked up a coffee cup. Yay! Add to my collection. Cliff at a conference so I headed to the outlets before dinner. Boys wanted to watch part of the NBA draft so I didn't argue. Shopped and then picked them up for dinner and we went back for more shopping. Will try to swing back in tomorrow yer again. Getting boys all set for school. And I love to shop even if just looking!!! Till tomorrow......

21 June 2017

Fun time at the theatre. Saw Transformers, it was awesome! Especially loved reclining seats, foot rests and awesome food! A must do again! Only $6 a seat!
Is anyone even reading these????? Hello anyone out there?
Started the day off early. We woke up at 5am and went to a 5k fun run for the Reciprocal Meat Conference. The course was at Wolf Pen Park. I will def be going back there. A great place to run. Trevor would love it. We all had fun. Dante was first for our family and well I was last in family but used to that haha but enjoyed it!!!!! Cliff off to work and we get to relax. Might see a movie tonight and off to San Marcos tomorrow.

19 June 2017

Let's not forget this hottie got to throw out the first pitch! Go Cliff! ⚾️
Yesterday we had a fun filled day. I picked up the doodle from the kennel. As you can imagine he was thrilled to see us and us to see him. The Vet on Hwy 30 kept him. Super great place. They clean his ears, brush his teeth, shampoo him, and comb him out real well. All just for $16. His stay was $30/day. So all and all it was about the same as Marianna. Then we spent about 2 hours (the boys at I) at The Rec (as everyone calls it). I did the elliptical and weights and boys played bball and racquetball. We had shakes for lunch. This week starts the reciprocal meats conference at TAMU so to kick it off Cliff went to a reception Sunday night at the Bush Library/Museum then tonight we went to a co-ed softball game at the Blue Bell stadium. That included staff and students playing. Students in meat science from University's from all over attend this conference. It's pretty awesome as you can see from pics we had some great food and this was just a bit of it. Beer and wine too!

16 June 2017

Had so much fun as a family! Cliff was able to join us around 3pm we made the most of this gorgeous weather and spent it on the beach and pier! Eating dinner at where else?Bubba Gumps of course. Cliff has been a great sport....was stung twice on Thurs by two wasps and the swelling is finally starting to go down. He is the keynote speaker tomorrow can't wait to listen in on his talk! Sleep well friends!
The boys and I had a super fun day at the hotel pool and out on the ocean! We played hard waiting on Dad to get out of meetings. The water was wonderful and weather was beautiful with a nice breeze to keep us cool!

15 June 2017

Had only a 2 hour drive to get to this amazing island. We made it to Hotel Galvez. It's even more beautiful in person. Had a reception with cattlemen / women then headed to dinner at Millers Seawall. Fabulous!!! Beer was cold and food was amazing. Portions were HUGE! Looking forward to a great nights rest and some fun on the pier tomorrow. Pulled my back playing racquetball so praying it gets better soon! Oh ya and poor Cliff was stung twice in face. No fun! We're quite a couple! Haha.
Starting the day off with a delicious breakfast! Yum! Dropped Trevor at the kennel, did some shopping and getting ready to head to Galveston after lunch. Yeehaw! 🀠 🌊

14 June 2017

Whoa! Put a fork in me! Did a double workout today. Why not right. Spin and strengthening class this am then an hour long spin class tonight AND played racquetball. Felt great to be back on the court after 8 years. Old lady still has it.....I beat Dante haha. Only played him one game and Jack one game. Had Dante and I played best of 3 it may have been a much different w ending! Off to Galveston tomorrow πŸŽ‰
Had a great morning! Started with a Total Training class at the REC Center. Cycling for 33 min then strengthening for 25 min with a cools down. Really enjoyed that. Anna the instructor was awesome. Will definitely be back. Took Trevor on a fun walk down a road near ours that has a horse farm. Beautiful area. I posted a couple pics of the house so you can see our humble abode. We're so enjoying our peaceful time here. No TV. I am loving it. We're perfecting UNO. Haha.

13 June 2017

Jack and I enjoyed the Texas A&M Chemistry Road Show today at Brazos County Children's Museum. A lot of cool and fun experiments for the kids to watch and learn from, plus a little magic, Jack ate it up! Did some more driving around to learn the area and ready for some dinner and wine tonight! Mamas cooking! Boys request meatloaf!!!!

12 June 2017

Spend the day getting some thing done at the house....some work myself .....while Cliff headed off to work. You can see Trevor my partner in crime has no problem relaxing haha. After tied up some loose work ends we met Cliff for lunch at Panera Bread (Jack's pick). Then we all met up after Cliff's finished work at the amazing REC center. I did a hour long cycle class while the boys played racquetball, basketball and soccer. It was a great night. We finished it off with smoothies for dinner! Today's temp hi 97 degrees. Nice and dry loving the low humidity compared to FL. Do miss my morning workout crew though, Amy and KK!!!!

11 June 2017

Enjoyed an amazing dinner at Christopher's World Grille. One of the best meals I've ever had. It's a fine historic home that was build in 1914 and the son opened it back in the 90's for his mother on Mothers Day. Awesome staff too! It was our last night w our Aussie friends. Fun night!
More of Kyle Field!
Got an impressive tour of Kyle Field. Every nook and cranny we saw it. How amazing. So thankful for Cliff's efforts to put this together.
A great lunch at Cafe Eccell with our Australia friends that are here to do their annual cattle operations tour.
Loving this!!!! No sneezing 🀧
So excited to start the day. We are headed out on a run then today we get a tour of Kyle Field. Not sure who's more excited me or the boys. We will have a bunch of Aussies with us. They're here to meet with Cliff so we will be spending most of the day with them as well. Should be great! I've been practicing my accent. Haha jk! Stay tune for lots of pics especially of The Home of the 12th Man! Kyle Field!

10 June 2017

Spent the morning relaxing and enjoying some down time. Headed out to Cavendars to get some proper footwear for Dante.....you know it, Cowboy boots. Wow what a selection they had. Wish I would have gotten a pic of the men's dept. We spent the majority of our day driving around and looking at homes for sale. We ate lunch at Willies. It's awesome. Amazing food and atmosphere. Enjoyed a cold beer and burger and fries! Yum!!!

9 June 2017

It's time for dinner, drinks and what else??? STEM ? Ya Jack has been holding onto this since xmas when he got from Jordan and Grant. There is only one person to assist. DAD!!!! Ps: I can report dinner at Napa Flats Wood Fire Grilled was amazing. With pizza that had truffle oil and the perfect paring of red wine 🍷 I was in heaven. Not to mention Jacks awesome Lamb chops! Yum! A perfect ending to a perfect day!!!!
The day wouldn't be complete without a visit to the REC center. Wow! Largest in the nation. With a multi million dollar expansion last Spring it really put it on a different level. 5 pools, 16 basketball and Racquetball courts, a weight strengthening area about an acre long. Who's interested in joining l? Oh you know this girl. Even asked about a job. Only hire full timers when one passes away and par timers are all students. Maybe I'll have to sign up for classes just to get a job here. Lol. Love this place. I'm in hog heaven!!!! Oh ya and a smoothie shop rest to serve you after your workout!!!! Yes!
Getting to visit Cliff at his office. How impressive it is. All the trophies and awards for animal science. Even got to spend a day with dad in his element. The work load life. Go Aggies!
We had a fun day walking around the facility of Animal Science. Even getting to go into the meat lab. So cool. What a great experience. Anyone want to know about marbling? Lol.
Future Aggies! πŸ‘ Jack and Dante taking it all in at one of the classrooms in the Animal Science building.
Got a walk in, now we're ready to start the day! 🐢
My current situation this morning. A beautiful and quaint little home set out of town just enough to feel like you're in the middle of no where. I love it! The sounds of the birds chirping are enough to keep me out here all morning!!! (It already has). Trevor is loving it here. Even has a new friend a bunny. Well I don't think he wants to be friends (the bunny that is) haha. I'm worried he just might get smart enough to catch him eventually. He does have a whole month to practice. 🐰 + 🐢 = disaster. Stay tune for that ending 😫. Cliff headed off to work. The boys and I will do some exploring as soon as I can get them to wake up. (8:33 now).

8 June 2017

Cliff and his mini me enjoying some father son time last night. Looking at football cards is course. How else would you do it! Haha!
The boys; Dante, Jack and Trevor headed out on a long road trip with their fearless leader, MOM heading due West to the great state of TX. We left Marianna at 7:30 am and arrived at 6:35 pm to a warm, smiling and handsome African waving in the driveway. I'm not sure who was more excited to see who!!! 11 hours w three stops and we made it!!!