United States of America · 6 Days · 28 Moments · September 2017

The Heckman's Pennsylvania Adventure

13 September 2017

Flight home for the Ericksen/Wherritt phantoms went fine. Even made it through Atlanta after Irma's touchdown earlier. Lizzy cat was thrilled to have us home. It was good to see her too! Wednesday was laundry and pack the Prius for Jo to head back to WY to be with Dad. So now it's me & there kitty boo lounging at home.. And that was the best trip out East I've ever had. Get ready for more pics...

12 September 2017

The Boardwalk Phantoms split up to travel home. JimLesMel&Charlene flew to Chi Town, then of to Denver & WY. Jo & Margie to Atlanta then home to Rochester. But there last two made a stop to see there Liberty Bell!
Leaving Ocean City... Sad day. Hopefully Atlanta airport is up and going and dad, Leslie, Jim & Charlene don't get lost in Chicago.

11 September 2017

Dinner and Patty's.
Ocean and the phantoms.
Long Beach Island, Beach Haven, the dock, and Beach.
Drove out to long beach island, Beach Haven, to see where the Heckman fishing yacht used to be docked. Checked out Beach Haven, the houses and beach. Couldn't stay long cause Cousin Patty had reservations for a large family dinner. Delish seafood, some family drama but quite enjoyable! Went back to Patty's chatted and tried to get out of eating cheesecake because we were stuffed from dinner. Ended up sending it home with everyone. Patty's house was as dressed up and elaborate as she is!

10 September 2017

Ripped down to the shore. Met Cousin Patty, Cousin Shirley & her son Kenny. Patty still has her beehive, just toned down a little. She had little gift bags for us: Salt water taffy, popcorn, Fudge & board walk coupon books. We walked the boardwalk, had pizza at Maco Macos, then off to a fabulous show on the music pier. That guys voice was amazing. He belted out Broadway play songs including the Phantom of the opera selections. Then everyone went to bed except for the 6 phantoms of the Ocean City Boardwalk.
The phantoms who came alive to do amazing things! A handful of"outsiders" were on the boardwalk and kept a wider berth. The oldest phantom got out of his wheelchair and pushed grids daughter for a good piece of distance. THEN he pushed his grandson! There other phantoms finally got him back into his chair and rushed back to the motel before anyone other "outsiders", especially the press spotted them again. (Oh, forgot, all of the above happened while all the phantoms were chowing down on soft pretzels) (quite a feat!)
The evening's entertainment.
Lunch at Jean's, the original Philly steak sandwich To die for. Bread you can't find anywhere else!

9 September 2017

Chimney great grandpa built, pops house he lived in from 9th grade until 17 yrs & he left to the Navy. Church he was confirmed in, where his dad worked, the road to the farm house, the spring houses, old pump and the farm house.
And more family shots
More family...
Very emotional day yesterday. WOW. This extended family is fantastic. It was great putting faces to names of headed for 29 years!! It was amazing watching Dad & Aunt Dolly reconnect. So much love there were all felt it. Took lots of pics. Will have to name them for you in groups. Pop toured us to see where he was born, grew up, where his dad farmed and worked. Wish you could be here with us. We're off to see Aunt Dolly in the nursing home, then to the shore. We'll hook up with Cousin Patty, East pizza and go to some sort of show on the boardwalk. Cousin Shirley will join us to. I'll add some pics here and send the rest later.

8 September 2017

The reunion! The red House is where grandpa was born, in the room with the air-conditioner. Will tell about the others later.
Dinner at Flannigan's DELISH...More about today tomorrow.
Decided to go with the good sized van and nixed the"church van"!! Made it to the cell phone waiting lot. Very cool. Just waiting for a call from Leslie or Jim...
Dinosaurs lose at the Philly airport. Get to the car rental ASAP.
Jo took off so you'll have to bear with this selfie!! Philly, Reading and Ocean City here we come! The Heckman family invasion.
Part on the plane, part leaving Denver...
Jo in Atlanta airport ready top go! To damn early to take pictures or communicate at the Rochester airport.