United States of America · 175 Days · 2 Moments · July 2017

Margaret's tour through United States of A...

20 August 2017

Let’s take a trip together this year instead of exchanging Christmas presents. We were at different areas —Bob was in Atlanta , CAROL in Durango,CO , BARBARA and I were in Sebastian Florida, Fl We texted each other. Well, where shall we go. I said “How about a cruise!” Nah! Bob texted back. How about Alaska - sounds good. California.? Been there. CAROL popped up with Maine. That’s it

28 July 2017

Well !! Finally we ( Barb , Ralph and I ) arrived at Boston Airport - all ready to join up with Bob from Atlanta and then Carol. So where’s Bob and the car. —- There he is! Now Carol. All together now HURRAH. On to Acadia, Maine. Our house was absolutely perfect. Large——with a view to the waters.