South America, North America · 12 Days · 21 Moments · May 2015

Margaret's odyssey through Peru

7 June 2015

More MP train
Things we lost or kept on misplacing: Boarding pass to Lima -later found Train tickets to cusco from MP Tylenol Stool softeners Black cord for battery charger White iPhone chargers and plug Hair spray Toothpaste Name tags/necklaces Sprayed hair spray all over my body thinking it was body spray- looked similar in size Tried a small taste of guinea pig-tasted like pork. Ate at chili's our first meal just in case. No diarrhea - in fact quite the opposite despite using stool softener Glad we brought washcloths -most of the hotels didn't have them. Famous sayings & things: They had help We are gonna get voted off the bus SeƱor Coca tea -can we bring it back to US. Can we get some oxygen please

29 May 2015

Making new friends
We made it!
More train images
On the train to MP!

28 May 2015

More ruins
Bag lunch and more
Students on a field trip
Llamas crossing
Salt ponds in Moray

27 May 2015

Beautiful scenery
Our accommodations in Urambamba sacred valley.
The beautiful people of Peru!
Visiting chincero
More photos at the schoolhouse
Lima coastline and flight to Cusco. Visiting the students

26 May 2015

Lima San Francisco monastery And tour
More images from Lima including catacombs and dinner with dancing