India · 2 Days · 3 Moments · January 2016

Marc Chambers

Marc's odyssey through India

11 January 2016

Just got to Abu Dhabi!!! The flight was amazing and full of luxury.

10 January 2016

This morning started off with a lot of emotion. By this morning I mean midnight. My kids took me to the airport and I hated to leave them. I let them know that we could talk on the phone, FaceTime and even text and that I would send them pictures as often as possible. After they leave I roll my two "carry on" suitcases, that are identical, to the baggage check area. I packed one with my computer, iPad, Chargers, etc... I planned to carry that bag onto the plane and check the other. Well, as you have already guessed, I checked the wrong bag. Sigh. I realized this mistake pretty quick. (thank you 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus). So I ran back and told them the error I made. They told me they have notified the baggage loaders and they will pull my bag and send it to baggage claim. He also offered to check the bag I didn't check so I would not have to come back. I then go to baggage claim. My bag comes. I open it......... They pulled the same bag o just checked a min ago.... Sigh!!!!

9 January 2016

Good Morning, I just woke up. It is hard to believe I will be leaving in about 15 hours. We will leave from Phoenix to Chicago and then get on Ethiad Airlines and head to Abu Dhabi. I hope everyone likes to Skype :). I am excited, but will also miss everyone here in The US. I hope my blogs are not boring. I will try to do my best to let you all know how things are going. I love you all!! Marc