Netherlands · 6 Days · 5 Moments · November 2014

Hello Amsterdam

2 December 2014

It's worth taking the time to take a walk round the town. There were so many lovely shops in Amsterdam. And so that concluded my Europe holiday trip. 'Til next time 😉

28 November 2014

Now I know the story behind the iconic wooden shoes. I also get to see a demonstration.
Went to Zaandam area to see the windmills. I think it's better to visit this city in the summer rather than in winter. The wind made it way colder.

27 November 2014

A trip to Van Gogh's museum and canal cruise later on. We aren't allowed to take any photos of his painting at all. But it's a lovely gallery. The canal cruise is okay, but it can get a bit boring

26 November 2014

Our cute B&B room. Run by the loveliest host around. Every morning he made sure that we have warm bread (with jam/cheese/cold cuts) and orange juice and milk. Not too mention yogurt, tea, and of course coffee.