Hungary · 3 Days · 9 Moments · October 2017

Marcelo's voyage in Budapest, Hungary

28 October 2017

Budapest metro. We don't have metros in my country, even trains . So metros are very important in my trips, I have to take a picture (or more). The first ride was weird because the metro was old, so vintage! (Last photo). But the other ones were very good. P.d: Does the girl in the last picture is taking a picture of me too??!

27 October 2017

Golden City
Központi Vásárcsarnok (Central Market) Visiting the market, one of the more beautiful market that I even been. First floor fruits , meat, chocolate, etc Second: Souvenirs, jewelry, hats and dolls. I bought some souvenirs for me and my grandma and also a banana(Banán)Like" I'm in a market, I want to buy a fruit or something. " Yes, that was random.

26 October 2017

Széchenyi thermal Bath. Relaxing day with 10° C outside and pretty warm inside the water! You should visit it if you go to Budapest.
Beautiful people
Money money money. The currency in Hungary, although it is in the European Union, is the Forint. 1 € = 400 Ft (October 2017) So it was very difficult comparing prices. I didn't know if something was expensive or cheap ! A regular meal was like 1200 ft ( 3€) not too bad ! Every time was like sorry , I'm going to use the calculator in my phone. I'm not very good making mental calculations , but I was lucky because I was with a Spanish friend who I met at the hostel who helped with that all the time!

25 October 2017

Nice to meet you Danube! Well, my surname is Rios (Rivers) so since I was a kid I was interested in rivers, after all these years learning about the most famous rivers, finally I met The Danube. I stopped and I said to myself, this is de Danube! Breathe!