Nicaragua · 23 Days · 4 Moments · February 2015

Maravillosa Nicaragua

16 March 2015

Little Corn Island - Welcome to paradise! A small Caribbean island with no cars or motorcycles, pedestrians only :) truly amazing!!!

6 March 2015

Isla de Ometepe - it boasts with two volcanoes and has a wonderful natural swimming pool, a very peaceful place :)

27 February 2015

Granada - the oldest colonial town in Nicaragua. It's almost unbearably hot here, but the town is so pretty you forget about the heat when you catch some breeze ;)

21 February 2015

Peneloya - small beach town on the Pacific, perfect for surfing, full of empty and destroyed houses (1995 tsunami), restaurants with really tasty fish...what more is there to add :) it was a pleasure to meet you!