Japan · 14 Days · 11 Moments · May 2017

Maple's tour through Japan

23 May 2017

Day 14 and 15: at Sendai! - finally had a good hotel breakfast! (Have been having kombini breakfast for the past two weeks) - Thanks to Hinako, we managed to find the Disney shop and Ghibli shop at Sendai - the foxes in Miyagi Zao fox village damnn cuteeeeee :) - Saw this huge crater at Zao Okama! (御釜) - travelled all the way to yamadera but it was about to close, so we didn't climb up Haha 😂 (so I just took photo of the flower ><) - ate Ippudo for dinner, was only so so? Next stop: Tokyo!

22 May 2017

Day 12 and 13: Hakodate > Hachinohe Actually I forgot the sequence Liao (I may have forgotten to record a day!) - went to the bird shrine full of seagulls! Omg luckily no birds shit on us >< - pretty sunset again (must be thanks to yanxin's luck!) - tried to find wild horses at the lighthouse, but there were not there... (sad.. coz we bought carrots for them ehh) - drove around and finally saw the wild horses! - camp in the cold again to see the sunset at otokegaura 仏ヶ浦 ~ but I Xiao burden coz I coughed like mad on my way out of the hill (luckily my friends were there to help me out!)

19 May 2017

Day 10 and 11: in Hakodate! - saw a beautiful sunset the moment we reached Hakodate station! - met up with Yanxin-San, and had so much time with her catching squid at Hakodate morning market and in the mount Hakodate mini teddy bear museum~ - found some music boxes with SMAP songs haha - the sunset and night scene on mount Hakodate was beautiful~ we camped there for almost 3 hours!

18 May 2017

Day 9: tomamu > Sapporo > Hakodate - went up to see the famous cloud terrace 雲海 at tomamu (but there were no clouds 😅) - spent the whole morning on the road to return the car at Sapporo airport 😭 will miss the car thou (it was really convenient haha) - special feature on this beef udon coz it was really healing for me - enjoyed some me time on the Hokkaido Shinkansen to update all my journi posts :) Next stop: Hakodate!
Day 7 and 8: kussharo > Kushiro > Tomamu - went for a quick birdwatching at Akan Crane centre to see the national animal of Japan! (Also spotted the black eared kite! Lucky!) - actually got approached by Hokkaido newspaper to post as Travellers enjoying the famous Tancho (japanese crane) ice cream :) - walked around the woods near Tomamu resorts, the woods and pond was so pretty! (Did my first panaroma shot!) - enjoyed atas onsen bath in tomamu resorts and nice milk pudding after that!

16 May 2017

Day 6 and 7: shiretoko > kussharo - hiking in shiretoko national park and didn't see many animals because very few animals appeared in the afternoon 😭 (no bears btw) - saw this Hokkaido fox trying to cross the road! - reached the kussharo youth hostel after Long hours of drive (and we can finally do coin laundry yay!) - milked the cow in the farm thanks to my Friend who decided to drop by Watanabe farm - went to see this kami no ko 神の子 pond which was supposed to be pretty but hmm no it wasn't really - saw a nice waterfall too (but I forgot the name)

13 May 2017

Day 5: shibazakura festival! - arrived in shiretoko hotel just in time for the sunset!

12 May 2017

Day 4 at daisetzuzan - went to biei pond (blue Colour pond) - had Oiishi sushi for lunch - visited 银河の滝 - had instant ramen for dinner in hotel - saw wild deers!
Day 3 at nakafurano! - alpaca farm - had lavender ice cream - stayed overnight at furano camp site - had Genghis Khan for dinner - went to public onsen

10 May 2017

Day 2: in Sapporo (updates + extra photos!) - maruyama park - shrine got 末吉 and 爱情运中等 - shiroi koibito park - beer museum drink beer haha - went izakaya for dinner and drank warm green tea? Hahaha anyways celebrated Adrian's bday

9 May 2017

Fun day 1 in Hokkaido, Sapporo! Went to Tanuki koji for ramen dinner! Tired thou coz morning flight never sleep a lot