Europe, North America · 16 Days · 68 Moments · September 2017

US Road Trip

28 September 2017

Done. End of road trip.
Back in Denmark
Ready for about 10 hours of flying
Airport waiting seats in the US: with cup holder
After 4438 km of driving, the road trip circuit is complete.

26 September 2017

Venice Beach

25 September 2017

Back in Los Angeles
Solvang LOL
Toes dipped: check

24 September 2017

Lobos Point State Reserve
Computer History Museum
NASA Ames Research Center

23 September 2017

Să mergi pe cealaltă parte a planetei și să ți se ofere țuică românească, asta înseamnă să fi mafiot. Go to the other part of the planet, be offered Romanian tuica, nice.
Hipster breakfast: check!

22 September 2017


21 September 2017

Coit Tower & China Town
Lombard Street
Palace of fine arts
USS Pampanito
Pier 39
End of the line

20 September 2017

Muir Woods National Monument

19 September 2017

On the left side you can see... the forest on fire!
Augmented reality is so much better than real reality.
Half dome at sunset
Hiking to Yosemite Falls

18 September 2017

Fireside stories and music. @Yosemite Bug
Sequoia National Park

17 September 2017

Good morning desert.

16 September 2017

No comment
Vegas baby!
Hoover dam
Almost at Hoover dam
Good bye Arizona

15 September 2017

Found the camping place this time...
Revvin' up your engine Listen to her howlin' roar
Next: Helicopter ride
And we're out of the mud
Last night at 21:00 our car got stuck in the mud of a puddle in the desert. In a puddle, in the desert. IN A PUDDLE IN THE DESERT!!!!! After 1,5 hours of trying to get unstuck, we decided to hike out to the camp 1.5 km away. Unfortunately we took only the essentials. That is to say, we hiked through the desert at night in shorts, flip flops and using our smartphones for flashlights. It was 9 degrees C outside. It's morning now, we are back at car, still stuck. We have delayed our helicopter flight and we're waiting either for someone to come tow us out or for the mud to dry. Because we're stuck in a puddle, in the desert.

14 September 2017

Day 2. Route 66 museum we are driving through the desert in a black Jeep Patriot.
Local time is 5:20. Like all Americans, I woke up early and I'm ready for a new day. First item: stay in bed and plan.

13 September 2017

We made it to LA. Now SIM card issues

13 September 2017

Take off in 20 minutes
Copenhagen is so cool, it has an indoor skate park.
Let the adventure begin!