Mexico · 111 Days · 31 Moments · July 2017

Weekend In Mexico City

2 November 2017

Mexico street art. Paper art during Day of Dead week!!

16 July 2017

Art of Carlos Del River.. ink sketch over watercolor!! He calls it "Stained Window Painting"..
Art bazaar at Jaden de Art.. garden of art.. The garden was under renovation so all the artists had their paintings in the perimeter
My favorite painting
Next stop.. National Museum of Art.. all the museums entry was free!! So surprising.. and tons of people, still very pleasant experience
One of my favorites.. mirrored face
Next stop museum of fine arts.. long queue to view Pablo Picasso and Diego Riviera exhibits.. tho it moved quiet fast - as they claimed!!
People enjoying boating in a lake within zoological garden.. street art
Fruit wala nr a park
Selfie time
My favorite art
Some more art pieces from India
First stop Museum of Modern Art.. see that door - zoom it a bit and you'll see house nr written - in Hindi/Gujarati!!
Sunday.. no cars allowed on main road.. got myself a bike!! Mexico City is paradise for bike rentals, bike lanes

15 July 2017

Dulhaniya dress kar ke photu session ke liye chali
Art market
Starting the hop on-off tour