Italy, Vatican · 10 Days · 133 Moments · April 2017

Spring Vacation in Italy

16 April 2017

I said my goodbyes and took a non stop train to Milano.. highest speed caught 300KM.. Forgot to mention.. 10 days, 90 miles of walking, 106 floors climbed.. see you all in CLT soon!!
And it doesn't end there.. Anna brought a home made Tiramisu which was best one I had in Italy.. and Enrico brings 3 bottles of home made liqueur- one orange based, one limoncello and one walnut plus spices based.. it was best meal I ever had in Italy..
Three other courses of gnocchi with home made pesto sauce, risotto with vegetables n potatoes, ending with sword fish.
The first course of appetizer with red wine and prosecco. The Greene vegetables - some sort of beans were home grown
The beginning spread
Enrico's sketch
Vista around Enrico's house
Enrico and his wife Anna.. Anna made an awesome four course lunch
We visited a small castle and surrounding community on a mountain.
The day didn't end for me though. Visiting a friend's house near Rome.. on the way to their place, took me through some beautiful countryside.
Avani n Tirth ready to say ciao Italy. At Rome airport

15 April 2017

Colosseum in the night.. it was gorgeous!!
Then we went to see the famous spots in the night.. Altar of Fatherland!!
Last dinner in Rome.. it was an ok affair.. high priced touristy joint.. totally avoidable.
At chocolate shop Venchi
Nice lion sketches.. the last one was total bhul bhulaiya for us.. museum curators message. I can never understand these arty farty modern art folks.. ain't it supposed to be simple.. let me know if you can make he'd or tail out of it
Some of our favorite portraits
At the museum of modern art.. they had a beauty contest.. of painted portraits with an online audience choice :)
MAXXI's building architecture was awesome!! Love the mirrored outcrop
Someone's showing off their new found red shoes.. a long standing desire finally accomplished!!
Last day of our trip was a peaceful affair - visited a set of contemporary/modern art museums, some shopping n peaceful dinner.

14 April 2017

And some more fountains
Ah.. the Vespas
The Trevi Fountain.. the most famous Fountain in Rome
Quick street side stop for goodies n coffee
THE Spanish Steps
Off to Spanish Steps.. views on the way
Tirth enjoying Segway ride
Out in Villa Borghese gardens, enjoying beautiful day
Watch carefully.. these are paintings crafted using stones
And look carefully.. these are paintings.. some portions actually look like sculptures.. an awesome 3D effect
Just paintings
Check out the details on the sandals
This ones are totally amazing.. check the last snap.. the right hand and the impression on the thighs!!
Our day started with Borghese Gallery. This place is famous for its Bernini's sculptures. Don't miss the details.. it's totally awesome!!
Some mosaics
And now painted ceilings

13 April 2017

The Pantheon
Campo de Fieri market
Bridge over Tiber river
Inside St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter's Square in front of Vatican
Look out for ceiling painting in Sistines Chapel
These are hanging tapestries
Nice tile mosaics
Vatican museum
Day starts going to a new country - Vatican. View of Vatican gardens.

12 April 2017

Simple dinner
Dinner at a nearby joint
Coliseum.. dusk snaps.. on the way back to our place. A bit of rest before catching some dinner
Famous Michelangelo sculpture - Illumination of Moses
Awesome pics captured by Tirth
Inside Altar of the Fatherland
Roman Forum
Coliseum ruins
Reached Rome. Out airBnB place in Rome
We used to drop garbage in these shutes.. always used to wonder how they take it out.. now we c it in action

11 April 2017

Back in Florence.. capping our last night in Florence with an awesome dinner
Goodbye to Pisa.. Avani had a nice adventure while leaving.. will let her share
Lunch at Pisa
Pisa the leaning tower
Off we go to Pisa
Outside Duomo
Duomo inside
Off to Duomo
View from rooftop of Uffizi
Our most favorite statute till now
At Uffizi Museum - one of the famous ones in Florence
Morning started with a light breakfast

10 April 2017

Pasta Dinner yesterday.. Tirth ending his with a Cannelloni
Duomo at night!! It took them 200 years to build
On the way back.. some sights we caught on camera
Phew.. enuf museums.. we walked 6.1 miles, climbed 19 floors.. time to sit back, enjoy a spritz n watch the crowds
At Del Vecchio Gallery
The famous bridge once again
Neptune's Fountain
More of Pitti Palace
Ivory sculptures
That's a painting.. almost looks like 3 D sculpture
At Pitti Palace
Boboli gardens
At Piazza Michelangelo.. overlooking Florence

9 April 2017

Easter chocolates
Dinner and awesome gelato.. the best we had so far
The most expensive bridge in Florence. On the bridge.. the biggest designer names on the planet!! You can see through the small glass window..big safes with treasures inside
After a quick nap.. out n about enjoying Florence evening
Medici place
Avani with nongs poongs Awesome David
David by Michelangelo
Gallerie Aacademia
At Mercator de San Lorenzo.. central marketplace where we had awesome Tuscany lunch
Quick bite before we roam around
Duomo n gallees of Florence
Bye bye Venice.. off to Florence

8 April 2017

Ready to call it a night to a long day!! We stopped by for breakfast, d inks, lunch, delicacies, cakes, coffees, dolce probably 10 times today.. walked for 10 miles and ate n drank also as much.. totally awesome day.. off to Florence tomorrow.
Shopping souvenirs
Arsenala de Venezia
Some more San Marco Square. A cruise liner rolling in Venice
San Marco square.. the happening place in Venice
Awesome lunch
On way to San Marco square
Near salt factories
Punta Della Dogana
Awesome day.. enjoying some more spritz, sun, the crowd
At Campo San Polo
Streets of Venice
At Rialto bridge

7 April 2017

Calling it an early night.. it was super long day.. especially after a long flight
Enjoying a spritz in Murano
Off to Murano Island, famous for its glass works
Paolo's (AIRBNB) place in Venice
Venice me entry
Landed in Rome
Arriving in Venice by train from Milan