Thailand · 17 Days · 15 Moments · July 2015

Manisha's voyage in Thailand

15 August 2015

Where am I today? Rokky point resort, Thap Sakae Where am I tomorrow? Bangkok What happened last week? - Driving up the mountains to see Big Buddha - Elephant feeding - Yin Yan henna tattoo - Eating KFC in the car - Beach, beach, even more beach - Cycling through the resort - .......

9 August 2015

"During this boattrip we became like a little topdeck squad. After our first ride to Bamboo Island we all decided to sit inside."
We just came back from the 4 island tour. We were supposed to be picked up at 8 but it turned out in 9. In a very cramped bus, we were taken to a pier. After long waiting and a lot of trouble (the tourguide said we had to pay more because something was incomplete but he turned out to be wrong, of course, that's how they trick money from tourists but we didn't fall for it) we got on the speedboat and oh my god, what a terrible, scary but somehow amazing experience. On our way to Bamboo Island, we sat on the front deck with some other people. The boat bumped into the waves and it was so scary, we almost literally flew. Mom fell from her seat several times, a German girl next to me had to hold tight to the iron rail to make sure she didn't fall and in the corner, there was a guy who didn't say a word. Later, it turned out that he was really scared. After Bamboo Island, we went to Phi Phi Island to have lunch and from there we went to the Blue Lagoon for diving and Monkey Island.

8 August 2015

On our way from Chumphon to Krabi, we had 5 hours of rain, ugh..We made a short stop at Cafe Amazon, where I had some delicious hot chocolate. We're in Krabi now, it's still quite rainy but the beach is beautiful. Tomorrow morning we'll go to 4 islands by a speedboat, including Phi Phi island, so I'm very very excited.😍😍

7 August 2015

Just had breakfast, boiled eggs & toasts with jam and butter. We also got some papaya and dragonfruit (that purple kind of fruit most people have never heard of). Now we'll go for a walk and in a few hours, we'll depart to Chumphon.πŸŒ„ From now on, all the hotels are near the beach😍

6 August 2015

Past days have been very tiring, today we had to woke up really early to have breakfast and leave to the airport on time. When we finally got our rental car, it took us 2 hours to get out of Bangkok. It took us 5 hours to get from Bangkok to Prachuap Khiri Khan, where we're staying tonight. There's a beach across the street but there aren't many tourists so it's kinda quiet. Tomorrow we're going to Chumphon, which will only take 2 hours. Luckily, so we can have a good breakfast and sleep in. My head is aching and we're all very tired, goodnight xx

2 August 2015

After we got home from the temple, we had some rest and went to the center of Bangkok again. We first had some lunch/dinner at MBK's Fifth Food Avenue. Then, we were actually on our way to Central World but we stopped at the Siam Paragon shopping mall, which apparently is different from the first Siam mall we saw. Siam Paragon has a lot of expensive brands like Chanel, Dior, Todds, Louis Vuitton, anything. I bought a Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleaning Brush (what a name). Well, in fact I wanted to pay (95 euro = 3600 Baht) but my card got rejected for some reason so dad paid for me. We'll definitely go back there, I think, I hope.
Hello! Today has been such a busy day! We started the morning in Wat Pho, a temple near our hotel where the "so famous" lying Buddha is located. Unfortunately, Buddha's feet were being rebuild but that didn't keep us from taking loads of beautiful pictures. I think Wat Pho is one of the temples you must have seen when you're visiting Bangkok. We also got free bottles water because it was really hot, even though it was only 10.30 am.

1 August 2015

After we came back from the market, we had some rest and went to the malls again. There was a huge traffic jam. We went to the Platinum mall which wasn't as fun as it seemed. There were only local people and the same kind of clothing, nothing interesting. We had some McDonalds as lunch because the foodcorners didn't look healthy and good. At night we went to the night market again, there was a lot of live music but unfortunately it started raining. Mom and I had to pee reeeeal bad so we desperately walked in some cafe/bar looking thing, turned out it was a hooker club full of ladyboys and that's the scariest thing I've ever seen, omg.
Today we woke up really early because the taxi driver was going to bring us to the floating market, it was 2 hours of driving and we made a little stop at the 7/11 where I bought the cutest waterbottle ever. The boat trip was quite expensive but we had to do it anyways, it was all about tourism instead of fruit and vegetables which was quite a pity. Fun to experience tho. On our way back we had some cold coconut water, yay! I also bought some really great Rayban glasses and a cute beach hat on the boat :)

31 July 2015

In the hotel we had some rest, watched some TV, discussed about how we were gonna spend the rest of the day (it was 4 pm). Eventually mom and I got our nails (my toes, mom's hands) and our hair done. She got bangs and coloured her hair. I got my hair straightened. It took quite some time. Then we had dinner at a restaurant nearby our hotel called Oshea (not sure tho), I had pad thai, of courseeee...After dinner we walked to the nightmarket which was really fun, dad got a footmassage. Unfortunately it started raining, we had some cocktails at a goodlooking bar, restaurant, tourist place, I don't know. Because mom and I had our hair straightened, we used a shower cap to avoid getting wet on our way back. And now we're back, yay. It's almost 12 am and we have to wake up at 6 tomorrow because some taxi-driver will pick us up and get us to the floating market (morning market) at 7. Bye!
Today's been such a tiring day! First we had breakfast, then we got a taxi to bring us to the MBK shopping mall. Luckily; MBK, Siam Paragon and World Center are really close to each other. We spend more than one hour on only one floor in MBK, it's really big. I repaired my phone battery (for 600 baht, my battery didn't even increase at all), then we had some thai lunch. I had pad-thai, as usual. Didn't like this meal as much as I did yesterday but okay, it was worth a try. Mom and dad did a pedicure, mom also got her toe nails done. I got my hands done, yay! After MBK we took a quick look in Siam Paragon, which is really expensive because of the original brands. Then we headed to the hotel because it was kinda hot and it started raining a bit.

30 July 2015

Bangkok is such a beautiful city! Our hotel is amazing. Mom's out for a massage right now and we might go for a cocktail later. It's 6.30 pm and we just had our amazing dinner. It was so delicious 😍 What about our flight? Well, we had quite some turbulence and I think the 11 hours were reaaaally long. I couldn't sleep properly and the food wasn't really great either. Anyways, I'm glad we arrived safely. Unfortunately, today's been a bit rainy but I hope the weather will be fine next week. Tomorrow we might go to the BMK shopping centre, our taxi driver said it's the cheapest of all malls...
Hi guys! I'm in the airplane right now, it's 02.09 Dutch time and we still have 2 hours to go, yaay! This flight has been really tiring, especially since I couldn't get myself to sleep, as usual. For dinner we had something that tasted a lot like biryani chicken with a cucumber salad and lime mousse. Not really my favorites, although I usually really like biryani. We'll arrive at 10 am, local time. Not sure if we're gonna take a nap first or just gonna fresh up and go discover Bangkok immediately. I watched Gone Girl on the plane, I'm actually still watching it. Quite a weird movie so far, I don't really get why girls love it so much. ---