United States of America · 7 Days · 11 Moments · February 2017

Mandy's journi to Hawaii, United States

2 March 2017

Waimea Canyon - one more view!
Somehow, after 8 1/2 hours of hiking, we managed to make it to the luau.
Second leg of the trail. We had to cross the river 4 times and climb steep rocks (pictures at a minimum here) :) Again, well worth the 300 ft waterfall hidden in the jungle.
The first leg of the Hanakapei'ai trail led along the coast, through jungle, to the beach. Zoom in on the rock picture to see all the towers that people had left.

1 March 2017

This is the day that began as a flashflood. If you can't see through the mountain mist, just go under it! I wish the pictures could show the vastness of the mountains. Absolutely gorgeous!

28 February 2017

Aloha to our cool house and beautiful Oahu beach. Headed to Kauai.

27 February 2017

One more shot
Hiked the Pill Box trail to see the sunrise.

26 February 2017

Great food and great fun (she actually got up and "caught a wave!"), but I think we all agreed - going to church this morning was the highlight. Doors and windows open in a gym in shorts praising God - knowing that 3000 miles away, God is still just as amazing and loving - couldn't be topped.

24 February 2017

Houston to Honolulu was LONG, but well worth it! We found the beach!!