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Saige Age 5

19 April 2018

We finally got you pedaling on your bike.

30 March 2018

Your favourite holiday. More than Christmas and birthdays you love Easter. You look forward to it all year And finally it’s here. We went to grandmas on Friday where we did her Easter hunt with clues. And then Sunday morning you searched for your pink and purple eggs filled with starbursts, skittles, aero bars and chocolate eggs. This year was a bit colder than usual so most of the eggs were hidden inside. We still went outside for a bit but didn’t last long. Then we went to fort whyte for an egg hunt but so many people went this year that it was hard to find anything. We did manage to find one thank goodness or else this could have been a complete bust. Grandma and grandpa Gibson came along and visited for supper afterwards.

24 March 2018

My baby puked everywhere last night.

20 March 2018

You love steak. You could eat a whole steak by yourself. I think you like it even more because of how impressed mommy and daddy are when you eat it.

15 March 2018

My baby girl lost her first tooth. And we don’t know where it went. You were eating chips on the couch and then asked “mommy did I loose my tooth” and yes it was gone. We looked under the couch, down your dress and we couldn’t find it. I asked if you swallowed it and you started bawling. I thought you were just sad cause you didn’t have it for the tooth fairy but no you said “I don’t want to have surgery”. Oops. I’ve told you guys that if you put things in your mouth and swallow things you shouldn’t you may have to go to the hospital and have surgery.

13 March 2018

Today was your last skating practice before your skating carnival. You have been on skates for only 6 weeks but are doing so good. You love skating school and you love how successful you have been. You have gotten so good and are so confident. You are also the best big sister ever, always worrying about Cash. And tonight you even turned around to go help him since it was taking a while for him to join the group. As a side note you have your first loose tooth. The bottom right one. You were scared at first and mommy was heart broken. There’s no way you are old enough to start loosing teeth.
Cashy had picture day at nursery school today so you wanted to make sure he was handsome for his pictures. So you picked out his outfit and brushed his hair. Meanwhile Nolan just wants to be with you always. He may have even been a bit jealous that Cash was getting all of your attention.

26 February 2018

You and I got a very special night tonight. We went to the princess ball put on to raise money for the children’s hospital. It was amazing. We got to dress up and go into an amazing ballroom where all of our favourite princesses were. We had a fabulous, supper, entertainment and dancing. You got glitter tattoos, made your own crown, had your make up done and went to a photo booth. We went with some friends but you could care less about them. If you saw a princess on the dance floor you would quickly ditch your friends a gun it for a princess. You spent most of the time following rapunzel or Princess Tiana around. You loved the candy buffet and we one do prizes in the silent auction. Woohoo It was such a great night. Just you and me. 💜

23 February 2018

50’s Day

17 February 2018

30 January 2018

29 January 2018

28 January 2018

27 January 2018

26 January 2018

25 January 2018

12 January 2018

First day of skating lessons you rocked it Saige and I was so proud of you. You were marching around on the ice and recovering all by yourself whenever you got a little wobbly. Cash had a harder time and only lasted about 30 seconds on his feet. By the end he got frustrated and a little upset but you were there to come to his rescue. What a great big sister.

18 December 2017

My poor baby has been so sick. For the past 4 days you have done nothing but sleep on the couch. Your warm but not hot, you've puked a couple times and are eating fruit and chips ?!? You're missing all the pre Christmas excitement :(

15 December 2017

You had school today and were celebrating the upcoming holidays with everyone bringing a traditional dish. Daddy was home today so I volunteered to help out. You were extremely quiet, didn't eat a thing and had a glazed over look to you. So I was pretty sure you were starting to get sick. Well I barely made it around the block when I saw grandma taking you to the office. So I came back and took you home with me. You slept all evening, even while we met up with the Knight family for dinner you slept on grandmas lap under the table. My poor girl but let's get it over and done before Christmas.

13 December 2017

You did a presentation at school today about a Christmas tradition we had. You shared how your brothers and cousins get matching Christmas pjs every year. Cash and Nolan came as your helpers wearing a pair of matching Christmas pjs. There was no way I was getting you to wear a pair to school though. (Way too cool). You did really good. You were a little shy but grandma and I both came.

11 December 2017

I don't know what was with you yesterday but you were so nasty to Cash today and it's even more heartbreaking because he tries so hard to make you happy or to make you proud. Daddy and I were so upset with you and so was our elf Porna Sprinkles. She told santa about how naughty you were being and we got a text from Santa saying he would have to take away one present. Well you sure were nice to Cash today.

7 December 2017

Went to see santa today. You kept saying you didn't want to go and I know you were truthfully a little bit scared but I think you really did want to go. Santa was awesome this year. Since there was no line he read a book with you and sang a song. You hid in the background not saying much but you went. You kept your distance but we got the picture.

3 December 2017

Last night you and daddy picked out our tree and finally today you got to decorate it. You love decorating for the holidays and have already decorated the entire house with your pictures of trees, Christmas lights and reindeer.

30 November 2017

You have all new friends at school and aren't playing with any of your old friends at all. Which is a little sad. You have told me on a couple of occasions how kids are commenting on your height and that it makes you sad. Like "why are you 5? You're too small. " so we had khloe and kiersten over today for a play to hopefully build some other friendships. You were so happy to have them here.

23 November 2017

Parent/teacher night for Saige and I can't wait to see all the thing you've learnt this year. You are counting to 50, making patterns, know 14 of your letters and growing every day. You love gym and are always excited to tell me about what game or new skill you learnt with Mr Stobe.

20 November 2017

Sometimes my girl you can be the sweetest thing ever. Tonight you and Cash were watching Snow White and he got scared when the queen turned to the old lady so you called him over to you to keep him safe. You put your arms around him and said he could sleep with you tonight.

16 November 2017

While we wen to sleep last night you and I talked about school and the kids in your class. You brought up that Ian sits at your table and I asked you if you liked Ian and you said"He's just so darn cute with those glasses" o: and then proceeded to ask if you could marry him and that's when you started to get goofy, dancing around on the bed, saying you're so happy and like him. Oh my, you do realize that you're 5 right. Up till now you've always said the only boy you like or will ever marry is Cash.

11 November 2017

You've been asking me for a bubble bath for a couple of days now so I finally gave in a let you have one. But you woke up the next morning with a UTI and were crying your little eyes out as you tried to pee. I know how badly that hurts. We decided to put you in a nice warm bath and let you watch a movie (although you wanted to watch the dr show 'greys') you sat in there for a couple hours, drinking juice.
You and Cash are always entwined while you sleep. This night he had his legs wrapped around your neck. You also often laugh or talk in your sleep. Often it's you yelling at Cash for something or telling him no.

6 November 2017

You think this is a really sweet picture but in fact it's the two of you fighting over my bubble juice (sprite). You are pushing each other's foreheads trying to get the advantage.

31 October 2017

You love colouring and doing art projects. The fridge is always covered in your pictures and paintings. Every night you sit at your little green table and draw me a picture.

29 October 2017

20 October 2017

7 October 2017

I have so much to be thankful for. I have my 3 beautiful babies both boys and a girl and I couldn't be happier.

5 October 2017

This morning we got all dressed up and had a fancy tea party which included butterfly shaped sandwiches, goldfish and apple juice. We even dressed up those stinky boys of ours. You were so pleased with how handsome they looked.

3 October 2017

11 September 2017

8 September 2017

16 July 2017

13 July 2017

You are singing " mud on your face, your big, big face"