North America, Asia · 13 Days · 96 Moments · June 2017

Honolulu and Seoul, South Korea

14 June 2017

Gangnam Tour

13 June 2017

We did the dog cafe, so it was only fair :)
JSA Tour - the time we actually signed our lives away and went INTO North Korea!!
Throwback Tuesday?!
More N Korea DMZ pics!
Dorasan Train Station - the train station built to connect North and South Korea. If the countries unify, you'll be able to travel all through Asia and Europe
Welcome to the DMZ - and our first sighting of North Korea We ventured down the Third Infiltration Tunnel, one of four known tunnels under the border between North Korea and South Korea. North Korea attempted to dig these tunnels as a way to invade South Korea.

12 June 2017

Lotte Mall and Hard Rock!!!
Lotte World Aquarium part deux
Lotte World Aquarium
Lotte World Part 2
Lotte World Part 1

11 June 2017

Korean Baseball - LG Twins vs the SK Wyverns. We quickly learned that baseball here is about big beers with straws, cheerleaders, and paying 0 attention to the game
Guess who got pulled on stage at Nanta?!!
Nanta - nom-verbal Korean show where Luis and I made our stage debuts πŸ˜‚
Da Club!!! No. 5 club in the world!!!!!

10 June 2017

N Seoul Tower
Col. Dr. Big Ed's old stompin grounds!
And took the chance to recreate this gem
Visit to Mikey's old stomping grounds on the Army Base

9 June 2017

End to a fantastic day of touring
Stop # 7 - Puppy Cafe - We got to drink coffees and pet puppies 🐢🐢🐢
Thank you Miss June for a fantastic tour of Seoul!
Flashback Friday πŸ˜‚ 1989 & today (Luis subbed in for EJ)
Stop # 6 - Dress up, part 3
Stop # 6 - Dress Up, part 2
Stop # 6 - Dress Up - We put on traditional Korean attire and visited the last Hanbok style houses in Seoul
Stop # 5 - Traditional Korean Garden
Stop # 4 - National Folk Museum
Stop # 3, continued - Gyeongbok Palace - former residence of Joseon Dynasty royalty
Stop # 3 - Gyeongbok Palace - former residence of Joseon Dynasty royalty
Stop #2 - Changing of the guard at Gwanghwamun Gate
Today's adventure, All Day City Sightseeing Tour Stop #1 - Jogye Temple - Seoul's youngest temple in the middle of the city, famous for its beautiful lotus lanterns hanging from the ceilings.
Our humble abode for the week
Seoul Welcomes You!
Incheon Airport!
On da plane

8 June 2017

Aloha Honolulu!
A "themed" lyft to the airport haha
Pre flight lunch and drinks!
And we're off!

6 June 2017

Thank you for your service πŸ˜‰
Beautiful sunset while packing for Korea
Pasta Pasta Pasta!
Pill Box hiking!
View of the Mokes from the Pillboxes "What does one Strittmatter say to the other?" .... "Something inappropriate" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

6 June 2017

Just another Honolulu sunset 😊
On the Fourth Day...Becky met a turtle!
Snorkeling at Lost Beach (look closely, you can see TONS of turtles 🐒)
Our journey to the beach used in the TV show Lost
Quick stop at the Dole Plantation

4 June 2017

Fireworks were the perfect ending to a fantastic dinner
Sky Club!
Beautiful sunset at dinner last night
Fabulous dinner at Top of Waikiki
Beach ova! Time for dinner!!!
Beautiful day at Bellow's
Pano of Bellows Air Force Beach!
Early morning haircut!

3 June 2017

"It tastes like burning"
Last Man-dy standing 🍹
Oh so pretty...
Stop #5...Duke's
"My brain is my sugar daddy"
Stop #4 - The Royal Hawaiian "Can you please send over your most experienced bar tender?"
Stop #3 - Rum Fire "Know the consequences of your actions"
Stop # 2 - House without a Key
Starting our mai tai crawl... Stop #1 - KoaOasis
Cheers! Well deserved after a morning hike!
Any day with Diamond Head is a good day!!!
We going to the top!

2 June 2017

Mongolian Grill for dinner
Well this view isn't terrible 😝
Cheers! 🍹🍹
Banyan tree
Where the inspiration came from!
Beautiful view!!!
We have FINALLY made it....! 😁😁😁
Then never ending flight....
Gives a whole new meaning to duck face 😝
Now that's just mean....but at least we are halfway there!!!
And now on your left, the Grand Canyon!
Taking Mandys Cookie
Niagra Falls from 30k feet!
First Drink!
First Class Bae!!!

1 June 2017