Around The World · 61 Days · 107 Moments · June 2018

..Mandy and Ilse's adventure..

13 August 2018

Today introduced sauerkraut and sausages with caramelized apple...yummmmm
While Amanda works with Bolly Mandy enjoyed exercising Poncho.. beautiful natured horse..This is the riding we both enjoyed so much.. in with nature. No dressage rules.. off course pay attention to your core balance and right way of Riding. But beign free walking trotting cantering where you want to without just going in circles and riding your figures. Playing with the horses.. which Amanda was doing with bolly.. pushing drums.. get up on a stand free lunging. Wonderful to see horse and rider or handler come as one

12 August 2018

Calendula cafe in Glenbrook... beautiful lunch with Amanda and her family.. in loving memory of Sue , Amanda's mum... beautiful weather... caught up with Daniel Amanda's brother and got to meet his wife and gorgeous children...was able to meet her aunts and uncles and cousin..such a nice setting with wonderful people

11 August 2018

Mandy taking care of Mandy and Beth... 4 day old goats... bottles.. poe and wee.... back to setting alarm to feed babies... but so rewarding... the hear you come and call out...
Enjoying the beautiful view.loving company... gorgeous weather. Just enjoy talking about old and new times... thanx Amanda for beign there...
Spend a beautiful couple of days at pauanui. Beautiful place to relax .. wonderful walks along beach... went to a medium in Thames with Christina... that was interesting...mandy got spoiled by christina.. mandy has gotten alot better thank goodness. Hey eardrums look better only one has a small section is still infected but expected to clear within a few days...

9 August 2018

8 August 2018

In pauanui... time to relax...hopefully the sea air will do mandy good

7 August 2018

Beautiful weather... get this girl some fresh air... and feed the geese...mandy is an adrenaline junky but nature and animals make her happy too...

4 August 2018

Meet Ramsey... today lunch at fam. Ritchie. High lite cuddling Ramsey at 1 day old. Giving him a bottle..

3 August 2018

Mandy sore people walking in dressing gowns pjs or onesies in the supermarket so she decided she could wear her pj pants to shops...

2 August 2018

1 August 2018

As we are staying in.. not much too tell. Mandy is still not well sleeping a lot.. ear was getting better we thought but last night it started hurting again.. she is still got a fever.. tomorrow we here is she is cleared for flying... foto taken last week....
Beautiful new zealand bird...the fantail... such curious little creatures...

30 July 2018

Mandy has been struck with an triple ear infection. Friday the day we hear if she can fly.... So on top of medication. Feeding her 100% fruit juice...and home made tomato soup
Scruff and Ford... Mandy's friends

29 July 2018

Beautiful Kawakawabay
Warming up in the arena on Pompeii. He only had one eye...
So many beautiful rainbows here

27 July 2018

Beautiful day riding.... I was in heaven... so relaxing so peaceful

27 July 2018

Warming up in the arena on Pompeii. He only had one eye...

25 July 2018

Sky tower.... she is gonna jump

25 July 2018

She really wants to do it...
She did it video on my Facebook page. Beautiful warm day in Auckland .... But man is it busy there. It's ok for a day... but give me the country side back please straight after
Mums more nervous then her
And some more.
More of beautiful auckland city
Beautiful Auckland from on and around harbor bridge.

22 July 2018

Need I say more... dinner the big catch up... had such a good night. Great seeing everyone.

21 July 2018

Beautiful start to the morning
Old times... getting ready for a night out.

20 July 2018

20 July 2018

Here our journey started all those years ago... rental bowater place and our dream home in Weymouth road

19 July 2018

Wonderful catch up day Woke up this morning at Amanda's sat down played with the dogs Leo and Sky.. Down to Nick's cafe for a coffee. And mandy a homemade chocolate milkshake. Then a wonderful catch up with Tracey Rayleen and Amanda. Mandy had a wonderful time playing with Rayleens kids...

17 July 2018

16 July 2018

The when the weather is bad we will do some crafts

14 July 2018

Mandy and her new pyjama... bad weather yesterday so staying inside day...

13 July 2018

Encounter with a Weta... I now now I can still shriek like a little girl and I can run
Beautiful sunny day at at awhitu regional park. loved walking along the beach. Seeing crab island... the views are just to kill for... so beautiful. Most special was spending our time with Amanda... we had such a wonderful day... hope there are many more to come.

12 July 2018

Last stop for today.... Glenbrook steelmill look out.. wow...
Highlight of Mandy's day... she just really relaxed. Meeting Amanda's horses...for me it was wonderful to see her dad again...and off course getting my horse cuddles in. Made me miss Epona...but made me realise seeing Mandy so relaxed what magical creatures horses are...
Mandy beign woken up bij Leo... she was loving it...
Beautiful skies on our way to Glenbrook beach. Staying with Amanda tonight...
Riding the lift up to the top of the luge track....and waiting in line...good fun...

11 July 2018

One of my favourite things this trip so far... catching up with long time BF Amanda... taking a trip down memory lane certainly made us laugh. Sitting at the table talking it's as if it was yesterday... While going through old albums there was this picture (and many more) of how close we were... good to be back... Mandy said you 2 still look the same..."I wish" !!!
On our way to Rotarua... beautiful scenery...

10 July 2018

Tomorrow first gondola and luge rides in rotarua. After drive to Amanda's...looking forward just talking...catching up...just beign with my friend who'd never left my heart
Just some time for us... mandy got a supershake nutella chocolate overload. It was huge. Looked like hair on top....
I had the healthy lunch Orange kale and ginger smoothie and a grilled potato salad.

9 July 2018

Day in the house today...feels like a day I should be out there. Experiencing this beautiful country with Mandy. Mandy gone with Micaela to the movies. She will have fun.

8 July 2018

Mandy found her granddad in new Zealand ..
Beautiful New Zealand....... driving today just let me appreciate once more how beautiful new Zealand is... we have so much we want to see but so little time. So many people to visit..but so hard to plan.

6 July 2018

6 July 2018

Beautiful day today at kareotahi beach.. met some lovely people there. Mandy climbed to the top with Connor. Coming over the hill seeing the beach send shivers down my spine... beign back there bought on a lot of fun memories back... yes... felt like coming home... horses on the beach made me think of the days Amanda and I rode our horses there... or training with the endurance horses... made me miss Epona... we stopped of a lovely couple in Waiuku and spend the afternoon with them... on the way back to manurewa we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset....

3 July 2018

Today we went to butterfly kreek with Chris and Connor. Had a wonderful afternoon. Anything with animals makes me happy. Beautiful little park. Saltwater crocodile was huge...butterflies touched my heart...such delicate creatures.. No horses but my next favourite animal to get up close with.. those who know me know I love pigs...

2 July 2018

In manurewa... beign spoiled by Chris with beautiful seafood....smoked fresh muscles... yummmmmmmm

30 June 2018

29 June 2018

Today we visited otorohanga kiwi house.. walked through the park saw many birds but no bloody kiwis.. then at the end the lady took us through and took us back in and we got to see the beautiful native bird.... In the park I learned I could run... while Mandy and Micheala were trying to read time from the sundial a bird snuck up on me and started to scream loudly... God it frightened me and the girls. We had à good laugh afterwards. Then I got bitten by a cute pukeko.... Had a fun time...

29 June 2018

Today Trevor started work early.. got up and made the girls breakfast. . Spaghetti on Toast... Michaela had to head to work shortly after.. Mandy and I headed into town around lunch to get some slippers for in the house..and to have a nosey around the town... there is so many little shops... it ws nice just to walk around with mandy... came home to cook dinner... and just to crochet bu the fire... mandy just enjoyed herself drawing and watching her YouTube bloggers... nice quiet day...

27 June 2018

Our drive from waiuku to Te Awamutu.. I drove the little suzuki 4x4 that has been given to me use for the time I am in new zealand...for which I m very grateful... there is so much to be grateful for...beautiful country.. loving people.. although it's cold in the morning and night.. during the day its quiet nice and enjoyable.
On our way to Trevor we got to take some beautiful country side pictures..

27 June 2018

Yummmm nostalgia.... little red sausages... Not Mandy's cup of tea.. Staying with Trevor's parents for the first two days... so lovely to see his mum and dad brother steward and meet Tyffany and their children... feels really good. Icing on the cake holding my friend Tracey in a hug...
A new adventure... hello Auckland... flight was a little bumpy... small airplane... bad food compared to Emirates...but very friendly crew.. as we viewed the first lights of Auckland the tears welled up... finally ... There to pick us up were Trevor and his beautiful daughter Michaela... a beautiful reunion...
Goodbye Brisbaine... 4 wonderful days...far too short really.. we had a real holiday feeling... warm weather.. beach pool beautiful foods ...wonderful people .. Australia has stolen our hearts

26 June 2018

Mandy and I on our way to the airport in the shuttle... saying goodbye was hard... the kids were having a hard time... but I feel it wont be a long goodbye.... New Zealand here we come
Last stop before the tears came. Gingerfacory... beautiful trees.... but a real tourist attraction. Nice to pop in but to be honest I lived the beach ... walking in the little townships.. and mostly on martens hill... The tree the kids climbed into had an amazing root ...
Lunch with my sister and our kids. Vibrant true colors... pure tasting food.. during lunch mandy starting to get a tummy ache....she whispered she didn't want to leave... to be honest I don't either. We are embracing the new adventure... but both of us love the life style of this area. The nature... Bill's and problems are everywhere but lifestyle has to speak to a person... and I dont think you need years, months, weeks to feel if a certain way of living speaks to you...Mandy and I both agreed it spoke to us...
Last day with my sister and her beautiful children. Feeling sad but ever so grateful Ro is at work so said goodbye last night.. Going to enjoy these last moments... before we start on the next part of our journey.... New Zealand.... not long now

25 June 2018


24 June 2018

Last night my sister cooked a yummy meal...pasta with broccoli pesto little cheese waterbugs (heaven) and salmon... enjoyed with a bottle of wine or 2...talked somuch..seeing Betty here, in her space.. seeing her talk and share her love for Australia...for the dreams she has,listening to her all you can do is feel blessed through her, happy that I am allowed to share a small part of it. Ro Betty and the kids are showing us around but for me this a beautiful time to bond with Betty and her Family..I enjoy talking to her..she listens... really listens about my so nice to see we do have many similar dreams... very different but still similarities. Its hard to explain. Mandy is loving her time with Pip and Sky.. shes just like me enjoying the little moments of happiness.. Today she said Mum ... This is beautiful..when can we come back... bless her... Well who wouldn't want to come back to such beauty... Imagine being so blessed waking up To this every morning
Today had to go to the eye doc. Thought I had my Contact stuck.. pulled my eye white out so how I have infection... Just crazy moment jumped into the pool.. beautiful... my sister lives in paradise... so blessed to be able to share time with talk....
Wonderfull at noosa beach.... beautiful nature...water is beautiful...just loving talking to my sister... 4 days way to short...needs to be a life time
Some more photos
Mandy and sky are bonding g beautifully.... so cute... Pip is such a lovely quiet young man..
Yesterday morning we arrived safely in brisbaine.. So good to see Ro Betty Pip and sky again... love seeing the kids bonding. .. I will write to see what the day brought us yesterday.

22 June 2018

The next section of our journey has started on our way to brisbaine. Glad to get on the plane to continue our journey mandy and I both missed the take off.. Both of us fell sound asleep. Mandy just woke up just te me she is hungry... I keep dozing off myself so I'll try and getsome shut eye myself
We have arrived safely in Dubai. It was not a smooth flight.. we had quite a bit of turbulence... not very nice but got through it. The food o board was excellent and the service superb...egroo. wasnt that great. Mandy had a Chinese womam who kept lying on top of her... We are now in the right place in transit... had to catch an in between terminal train.. s couple of huge lifts. I must say Dubai Airport is very very clean and very pleasantly quiet. This time not coffee at Starbucks but at Costa...
Up up and away... flying at 36990 feet. At the moment I'm doing pretty well... legs are a bit restless...I hope it passes...time to watch a movie....
When your at the airport... you have to enjoy a Starbucks moment.... father and daughter time. Missing my baby boy Mitchel
After a visit with Andre's parents on board their boat.. on our way to the airport
Unreal.... Today i woke up and felt The butterflies all throughout my stomach, its really happening. Still lying in my bed in Bunde... in 2 Hourso time we Will hit The Road. First we travel to my inlaws who are on holiday on their little yacht. From there we Will travel to Amsterdam international AirPort. Will be blogging tonight as we wait to board

19 June 2018

Beauty salon visit today... Had my eyelashes extended (before and after) and nails done. Really happy with the results...
I am lying in bed can't sleep, haven't been able to sleep all night. Just thinking, nervous scared. Another couple of nights sleep and we'll be on our way, first to Australnding in Brisbane. My little sis and her family will be picking us up from the airport. it has been just a little over five years since I've seen her and her the sounds of it she has the days planned filled with excitement...

18 June 2018

3 more sleeps...I hope, I opened and packed my suitcase for the last time today. Tomorrow beauty salon. Last minute organisational things planned for Wednesday. Its approaching fast now... let the fun begin....