Japan · 29 Days · 102 Moments · July 2018

Mana & Sam’s Journey to Japan

7 August 2018

Waku “Baby Driver” Shoji getting gas for our trip to Narita Airport.
On the drive to Narita Airport from the Shoji House in Toke. So long Japan... we’ll miss you.

6 August 2018

Visiting Eiko (Mama-san) and Hiroshi (Papa-san) family’s Gravesites to Pay our respects before we leave Japan.

3 August 2018

Driving to Narita san Shinsho Ji Family Shrine with Mana, Aunt Noriko, Eiko Mama San & Sam.

2 August 2018

Mana and Zumi-Chan asked this couple to take our photo and they took a selfie as part of their helping us. It was really funny. We also took an elevator selfie in the Teleport Station with them on his phone and never exchanged information, it was just a random act of comedy making friends in Odaiba.
Joypolis by Sega: the rest of my memories are on the Snap Spectacles. But it was downright amazing. And very doable in vegas. Refer to their website as it should be used for research for clients at Wynn and Resorts World.
Giant Mech from Game Launch at Akihabara. Limit Break?

1 August 2018

Our last night in TDR
Last pictures in Tokyo Disneyland. We’ll miss it very much.
The Jungle Cruise in the day. It has such impressive projection mapping in the Temple (show building). “Elephant’s blessing.”
The Western River Railroad in Tokyo Disneyland is much more fun than the Disneyland Railroad in California. The dinosaur exhibit is much more advanced and immersive. Our Jungle Cruise boat approaches the port.
Western River Railroad in Tokyo Disneyland. Glad we went back on our 4th day to experience this.
Daytime view of the Mark Twain Riverboat we rode on our first day. From the Western River Railroad.
Roy Disney’s Statue. One of the architects of TDR.
Tokyo Disney Sea. The Arabian Coast.
Genie Merchandise from the Arabian Coast in Tokyo Disney Sea.
Leonardo Da Vinci’s Challenge in Tokyo Disney Sea. Must reread the comic Marvel and Disney Produced. I assumed it was tied to an experience or ride. I now know that to be true. :-)
A very “Assassin’s Creed: Origins” moment in Tokyo Disney Sea on the Da Vinci Challenge Experience.
“Out of the Shadowlands” Show in Tokyo Disney Sea.

31 July 2018

27 July 2018

We had Dinner in Tokyo with Mana’s Brother Tao, Mana no Mama-san & Papa-san & Waku.
Driving with the Shoji Family back to Tokyo to meet Tao from Mt Fuji.
This pagoda and the grounds had beautiful views of Mt Fuji, and Mana said it was a memorial for those who died in WWI.
Visiting the shrine at the bottom of the hill before we went up to see the views of Mt Fuji at the memorial above.

26 July 2018

20 July 2018

Miyajima Shrines and Itsukushima are truly beautiful and rare sights.
Arrival in Miyajima. We’ve wanted to see the owls. On the way to the Pagoda and Itsukushima.
First Sight of Miyajima.
Traveling to Miyajima Island. We checked out after having a great breakfast with a view from the Sunroute Hotel. And boarded the ferry to Miyajima Island to see the Itsukushima Shrine and the five story pagoda and other sights.

19 July 2018

Delicious Hiroshima Otokonomiyaki and Yaki Soba. And spectacularly exquisite Shio Cabbage. At Kohinata literally around the corner from our hotel.
Breakfast after a nice bath at Shoei Ryokan. I went into the cold bath twice today and I liked the rotenburo (outdoor bath) today better than the one yesterday. They switch the baths daily between women and men so we got to experience both sides while staying here. Beautiful property in the heart of Kyoto.

18 July 2018

We’re in luck. Tokyo Disneyland is celebrating its 35th anniversary and they started the celebration the day we left for Tokyo from LA. Great coincidence! Good 縁!( ◠‿◠ )
Nishiki Food Market! They sell whole bunch of food and gives out samples. Close to Gion (Geisha district).
Toei Trick Art Museum at the Studio Park.
More of the Trick Art Museum
More Toei Studio Park
Toei Animation
More Toei Animation
Toei Jidaigeki Backlot
Walking into Toei Studio Park. Mana and I walked into the back route by accident. Instead of the front entrance where Most’s tourists come. This was more of the crew entrance so it was more interesting and we got to see more of the backlot.
Samurai Jidaigeki Filmmaker Experience. I was asked to come on stage and reenact a scene the actors had just shown us. Got to brush off some rusty Iaido and Kenjutsu skills. Show some Zanshin!!
The Map with the QR Codes to Download their GPS App of the Park.
We went to Toei Movie Studio! Japanese Hollywood where they shoot all the historical Japanese shows/movies.
Walking to the Toei Backlot. And the crew entrance.
Walking to Toei Studio from the train station.

16 July 2018

12 July 2018

“Best New Mall” was the name and it’s been there for several years. So it’s new in name only but there were some really innovative arcade games here that could be played either for fun or for reward. Pachinko Style. Something that Vegas could learn about from Japan.
Visiting Aqualine Tunnel in middle of Tokyo Bay