United States of America · 2 Days · 10 Moments · May 2015

Making a quick trip to Houston, TX

15 May 2015

Breakfast. Gotta love Waffle House

14 May 2015

On the beach in Biloxi, MS
Finally out of Alabama.
No trip to Atlanta is complete without a trip to The Varsity!!!
The old house on Casher.
We stopped at the Apple Store and I FINALLY got to play with an Apple Watch
Stopped by to see my buddy Steven in Augusta. If you are in Augusta and need a great auto shop give them a shot at Master City Automotive. PS... I'll stop by and see you Jon on the next trip. :)
Loaded up, picked up Josh... And on the road. First pit stop is for breakfast at a Waffle House (evidently Josh needed a coffee fix).