United Kingdom · 62 Days · 16 Moments · December 2016

1 March 2017

22 January 2017

So proud of this! Katie

11 January 2017

10 January 2017

Glitter lip Cermade ruby rose lip stick Barry cosmetics' glitter pot Katie

8 January 2017

New new look eyeliner pen £3.99
Amazing glitter liner Use normal liner them add a cote of the glitter liner Katie

7 January 2017

Ceramide ruby red lipstick Drugstore glitter stick

5 January 2017

Party lips Red cassule lipstick Dior nude foundation Kohl lip gloss Super drug blender Katie

4 January 2017

We went to town today Here are the makeup things I bought Katie
My makeup (and a tiny but of nail) things

30 December 2016

Limited edition eye palette Katie
Love this blue casuelle eyeshadow palette
Loving these shades of lipstick from casuelle! Sophie
Luv this eyeshadow they have so much pigment!
My fave eye makeup. All from the limited edition ultimate party makeup set Will be posting eye makeup soon! Katie

29 December 2016

Sophie's make up collection. *all from casuelle* Apart from The liquid liner and the concealer