Vietnam · 6 Days · 17 Moments · May 2017

Makena's journi to Vietnam

26 May 2017

Ate Pho Ga on our last night in Hanoi at the same place we ate at on the first night. It's definitely the best pho we have found here! On the way we witness trash disposal (gross) and a wedding being set up by a family right next door to the pho place!
Took a tuk-tuk around the lake to the post office for Sydney to mail the first of her postcards!
Went back to Pho Co after loving it yesterday. Drank coconut coffees and ate fruit because we were really craving it!
Walked around for a while looking for a cafe to chill, write postcards, and read in. Finally settled on this little cafe called lAcA Cafe that Sydney spotted and each had a house matcha smoothie!
Found amazing Ban Moc after searching for it agains for days after getting it randomly on our bike ride last week
Got massages!!! Sydney negotiated so it was even cheaper that we expected ;)
Shopped in the Old Quarter

25 May 2017

We were craving pizza so we got some! Met an American and her Canadian travel partner in the hostel and we all went together. It was in a cute part of town and was delicious, we even got housemade passionfruit soda which was incredible!
Went in search of a hidden coffee shop from the NYT 36 hours article... Makena used google maps address instead of the one from the article so we got a bit lost but finally found it! Hidden in the back of a shop, we ordered downstairs and climbed 3 flights of stairs to the top with a view of Kiem Lake! We tried egg coffee which was surprising delicious, very rich. And had a piece of banana cake!
Randomly passed an almost-married couple's photo shoot!

23 May 2017

Went on an incredible 2 day, 1 night cruise with Cat Ba Ventures, the most magical two days of my life! We booked it same-day, spur of the moment and we didn't regret it for a second!

22 May 2017

Met an American and Irish backpackers and explored Cat Ba town and lookout with them
Took bus, ferry, and bus to Cat Ba

21 May 2017

Visited night market, practiced our walking-in-front-of-motorbike skills, got some fried street food for dinner. Sat down for some pho and saw guys cooking the food on the roof! Very lively with live music and lots of tourists and locals around
Visited Manzi, an art gallery and cafe tucked away near West Lake. Rode our bikes in crazy traffic to get there. Found some math art and had my first Vietnamese coffee!
We rented bikes and biked around West Lake, stopping to visit pagodas and to grab lunch at a random lunch spot where they just brought us food. We ended up riding in the traffic itself and it was dangerous but so exhilarating!

20 May 2017

Checked in to Nexy, an amazing boutique hostel that we loved! The staff is so sassy and also helpful, and the bed setup was perfect with curtains. We eventually even discovered the rooftop which we started to do yoga on!