Thailand · 3 Days · 8 Moments · May 2017

Makena's adventure in Thailand

30 May 2017

Went to Elephant Haven in Sai Yok National Park at Jacqui's suggestion. The elephants were so happy and I even ended up swimming with them and playing in the mud!

29 May 2017

Walked from the Inn to River Kwai bridge, built during WW II. Many POWs and Asian workers died in the process of building it. Was really interesting how the entire economy around this area was derived from people traveling to see this bridge. Also walked by some beautiful farmland on the way
Checked into Thai Garden Inn, a really cute and homey Inn of bungalows across the river in Kanchanaburi
Accidentally ran into a bunch of Europeans and hitched a ride in a pickup truck taxi to Erawan Falls. The park was very well taken care of, even requiring us to check our drinking water in. We hiked to the 3 and 4 levels and swam in the freshest water I've ever touched while trying to avoid the fish that bite at your ankles! We climbed up into a waterfall itself on level 3 and let it fall down onto us. So beautiful!
Had a crazy time trying to make a morning train to Kanchanaburi. After a bad taxi driver, another taxi driver, sydney guilting the first one, we made it to the train station but had missed our train. We then asked a really helpful police officer for help and he gave us directions in Thai to show the taxi driver, to get us to the bus station. The bus ended up being just as easy and probably more comfortable! When we got to Kanchanaburi we had to figure out how to get to the falls and in the process another police officer wanted to get a picture with us and the other Europeans!

28 May 2017

Ate street food at a place Marie had seen that also had pictures of the owner with what we guessed were Thai celebrities hanging around. The soup was amazing and soooo spicy, the skewered meat was delicious, and of course we ended with mango sticky rice. We went from starving to sweaty from the spiciness and sooo full!
Took a longboat ride in the Canals around the city. We ended up with a private boat for USD20 pp and stopped at a floating market! Was so so hot but really cool

27 May 2017

Checked into Rimklong Hostel to meet Marie! It started to monsoon really soon after arriving. We also can see one of the large temples from our window!