Germany, Kenya · 333 Days · 17 Moments · June 2017

The Makau's time in W.O.L Kenya.

7 May 2018

3 May 2018

We arrived safely in Nairobi

24 February 2018

20 February 2018

Spending time with my daughter, she is growing so fast

12 September 2017

School started, we are now in the second week. Keep praying with and for us as we wait for the second born

15 July 2017

We were the best couple in a friends weeding this weekend....

7 July 2017

We just arrived in Kapsabet Boys High school for a weekend challenge,Pray with and for us that we may be a blessing to the boys here

6 July 2017

How to make the short flight interesting for Naemi

2 July 2017

Today at word of life ukunda, shared with the pre teens about being an example on 1. Faith 2. Love 3. Hope Then in the afternoon I had the opportunity to attend the grove award concert in Mombasa

25 June 2017

Sunday was special day for us, went to church and thereafter we found a place for lunch, Naemi was happy again, exicited to have found a play area

19 June 2017

The sinks are almost done

18 June 2017

We had the opportunity of meeting J├Ąger at church today, former student and teacher in brake

16 June 2017

After working on the toilets in the morning hours, I had a chance to share the word of God with almost 700 young boys in one of our high schools.. 2 Tim 2:1-7.....
My work for the day, removing the old Toilets

15 June 2017

Yesterday I went to the two schools where we do our Satelite camps and visited the slums where the kids come from.... God sustains all of us regardless of where we come from

13 June 2017

The journey begins. As usual Naemi is super excited even though she had few hours of sleep. Five weeks in Kenya.God be our guide and guard

8 June 2017

Naemi's bag is packed and ready.. 72 hours to go and we will be in Kenya..