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Maja's tour through Malaysia

25 May 2017

And when we got back there was a cat in a cage left with us. Someone had found it on the beach after two dogs had attacked it and left its back half paralysed :(( We're keeping it overnight and gave it antibiotics and pain killers, potentially taking it to the vet tomorrow. The project is starting an animal welfare project for the island, but no one is a qualified vet yet so if we do then we have to drive to the other side of the island. Tomorrow is a free day, so in the morning I'm on an early beach patrol again, and then we're thinking about taking some kayaks out and going for a swim somewhere :) maybe work on my tan tomorrow 🌞🌞
Day 5 at JTP 🐒 Another day in paradise :) Woke up pretty early today, and went snorkelling with another girl for almost 2 hours! It was amazing, didn't bring my camera which was a shame but the visibility was great and we went out really far which was cool. Then after breakfast we did some chores and I helped reorganise some information, and after lunch - which was amazing Thai chilli squid which was caught about 500m from where we ate it - I had a little siesta 😴🌞 Then we went snorkelling again together as a group, took my camera this time and got some cool videos, although it was really choppy and visibility wasn't too great. Saw some pretty fish and amazing coral :) I was pretty tired and hungry after two lots of snorkelling so after a shower a group of us went out for dinner. The food is amazing here and very cheap, but you have to wait about an hour to be served, and everything comes at different times πŸ˜… On the way back we got some ice cream . . .

24 May 2017

Day 4 at JTP 🐒 Very quiet day today, morning patrol wasn't busy and it was pouring it down when we got back so went straight back to bed and woke upset for breakfast. Then there was a turtle nest already found but half of the eggs were eaten by a lizard so there were only about 80 left. We buried them and it was still pouring it down, all the way until about 3/4pm so we stayed in and played some games and chatted. Two school groups came to visit and walked around. We also got a talk about coral and coral reefs which was really interesting. Then we made some yummy spring rolls; ones with banana and ones with cabbage and carrot. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Probably won't be doing much tonight, just have some dinner and hang out :) Snorkelling tomorrow πŸ›Ά

23 May 2017

Day 3 at JTP 🐒 So we saw a bat hiding under a banana leaf, giant squirrels, skinks, amazing butterflies and other insects and a cobra 😱😱 Got to the waterfall and got a nice back massage from the water, did some rock jumping/climbing to get to the top, and coming back down I slipped and fell over twice on the rocks πŸ™„ nicely bruised and scraped now. Then we hung out a bit at the waterfall, it was amazing - super fresh water straight from the mountain that you could drink and so refreshing! After we cleaned up my cuts and walked down we were running late for the volleyball session so we ran down to the other beach where we got just in time to start. We played with the local community, my team came second!! Would have been first if i actually remembered how to play volleyball πŸ™„ Then we had a nice dinner at the beach bar and headed back to watch a film with everyone. I'm on the morning beach patrol again tomorrow 😴😴 might try and stay awake to watch the sunset this time 😊?
Day 3 at JTP 🐒 ⭐️NATIONAL TURTLE DAY ⭐️ My day started with a 5.30am beach patrol, no nests found today. When patrolling the beaches you have to use a red torch light because the white scares away the turtles and might stop them from nesting. I was going to stay up and watch the sunset but I was exhausted because I couldn't sleep the night before so I went straight back to bed, overslept and only just made it in time for breakfast πŸ˜… Then we split into two groups and two beaches - and did some litter picking and then relaxed and had some yummy snacks. It was a fairly lazy day, after lunch we played some board games and jenga and then it got really hot so a few of us went to the beach to swim. Three of us decided to do a hike through the jungle to a waterfall - amaaazing 😍 most of the photos are on my go pro so will upload later :) one of the guys did a jungle survival course and so we had a little tour around the forest; saw many interesting things... (Continued in notes)

22 May 2017

So we went snorkelling and it was such a nice way to cool down. The rest of the group had gone out for a walk while we were away so we just hung out till they got back. Then they organised the chores and duties for tomorrow - I'm going on a 5am patrol around the beach 😬 And then we went out for dinner and just hung around chatting, had to put on a fire to get rid of a bunch of wood they couldn't use but it was way too hot to sit anywhere near it. Aaaaand... The tomorrow is NATIONAL TURTLE DAY 🐒🐒🐒 We're organising some events and activities for the community for the day, including a game of volleyball in the evening and a beach clean up during the day 😊😊
Day 2 at JTP 🐒 There are definitely worse places to be on a Monday morning 😍😍 The day started out exciting with the turtle eggs, and then we had breakfast and I had my turtle talk along with the rest of the volunteers - it's giving us the talk that we would give any visitors that come through. Then we had lunch, and me and another girl got a ride to Tekek (capital), where we had to get money out and I needed to buy a towel πŸ™„ the guys that took us were really nice, they worked at the outdoor education centre next door. They were going to pick up a bunch of school kids from the ferry and one of them was going to hike back and offered us to come with, and we were going to but in the end decided it probably wasn't the best idea since we didn't have any sun cream or repellent on us, and we were in flip flops and it took 3.5 hours to get back.. So we got a ride back on the pack of a 4x4 and went snorkelling instead - nothing too interesting. (To be continued in note) 🐒
Day 2 at JTP 🐒 Another exciting morning! Got woken up by the news that the morning patrol team found another nest, so they brought it back and we buried it again :) One of the previous nests is supposed to hatch early June so 🀞🏼 I'll catch it before I leave :)

21 May 2017

Day 1 at Juara Turtle Project 🐒 Arrived by the ferry into Tioman, it was already looking so pretty with the sun beginning to set, and by chance a lady on the ferry overheard me talking to someone saying I was coming to the project, and she offered to give me a ride there. Turned out that her husbands dad was the one that set up the whole thing, which was pretty cool and lucky :) so they drove me to the project and we had a beer and chatted on the way. I got the the project and most of the other volunteers had already gone out for dinner so I stayed and settled in and chatted with the people that work here, and had my orientation etc. Then one of the girls, Izzati, got a call and someone doing a beach patrol found a turtle and so everyone went down to the beach to see what was happening. It was a green turtle, not expected - so big!! - and she was laying her eggs so they took them and we went to put them into the hatchery. They have the same texture of ping pong balls :) amazing!!
Early morning coach to Mersing to catch the ferry to Tioman ⛡️ turtles I'm comin for ya πŸ’πŸ€“πŸŒž
Met a girl from London on CS and went out for some drinks after dinner, a couple nice bars and then had an absolute nightmare getting back to the hostels - ended up walking down some weird road with a bunch of abandoned buildings and people sleeping in the streets, finally made it back though! Early start tomorrow, time for Tioman 😁🐒🐒🐒

20 May 2017

Dinner πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Baby kailan stir fried with garlic and chicken and beef satay sticks with peanut sauce!
Last couple hours of KL 🌟 Includes helipad bar views and some random buildings from where I got lost πŸ™ƒ
After a jet lagged start to the morning - slept until 2pm πŸ™„ - I finally made it to Batu Caves! 300 (ish) steps to get to the top of the cave, where there were various temples and statues of gods. You had to put a sarong on to cover knees to be able to walk up to the caves. So many monkeys, brought the fear back from Singapore πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ walked up to the top, had a little wander, wanted to go into the dark cave with a tour but didn't think it was worth it for the price. The whole thing was really nice though. 4 different people asked to have a selfie with me though, bit weird. You can actually see KLCC from here, including the Petronas Towers, which was pretty cool. The trains here have women only coaches as well. Heading back into the centre to watch the sunset from a helipad bar :)

19 May 2017

Went to meet a couchsurfer this evening, took me to see the Petronas Towers, and then went up to the sky bar in the opposite tower to have a look at them, so pretty! There was a swimming pool in the bar as well, we were going to stay but I'm pretty dead so hanging out again tomorrow after Batu Caves during the day :)
Rooftop bar views with couchsurfer :)
Walkin around 🐾
Mini jungle in the airport :)
Airplane food πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

18 May 2017

And we're off ✨✨