United States of America · 4 Days · 4 Moments · June 2017

My "Productive" Summer

13 June 2017

Yesterday I made Asian soba noodles! The day before that I forgot to post about these roasted red pepper alfredo noodles I made but I was too tired lol. But anyway these Asian noodles were really good! I made more sauce than it said but then it made the sauce too strong. What I would do next time is still make extra sauce but dilute it with water and use less rice vinegar and add more brown sugar! Either way I still ate it all! I didn't add the tofu in the recipe because I don't like it but it'd be good with chicken or vegetables!

11 June 2017

Today me and mom finished a puzzle! It had 550 pieces and took us about 4 hours! I've never finished a puzzle in my life or even wanted to do one but here I am! I'm going to put it on my wall eventually. 2.29 PPM (pieces per minute) hehe.

10 June 2017

Today I made a compost box and I'm so excited! Since I'm trying to become vegetarian and eat more produce, composting is a good way to recycle your food. After it's composted you can use it as a fertilizer for your other plants! I was planning to just get a wooden box, but I found this wicker basket which is better because the holes allow ventilation so it composts right! First, you put dry leaves or newspaper in the bottom and then some soil. Then, you dampen the soil with some water. When you add food, cover it with some of the damp soil. You can technically add most foods, but you should avoid things like meat that can attract pests! You aren't supposed to add lemons or onions but I put them both in there anyway hehe!

9 June 2017

This summer I want to be really productive! I have a lot of plans to become healthier and happier (which sounds typical.) I want to become vegetarian and hopefully vegan someday, and one of my favorite things is veggie burgers! In Chapel Hill, there's a restaurant called Buns where I got the most amazing veggie burger. After some research I finally found the recipe! I made them today and they are just like the restaurant! It said to use a food processor to bind the ingredients, but I don't have one so I used a potato masher hehe. Also, you can replace the oats with breadcrumbs which is what I did.