Thailand · 15 Days · 9 Moments · March 2017

Mai's journi to Thailand

21 March 2017

No more boxing cuz the fitness card is expired. Missing boxing ring 😢 but exercise keep going...Running on track 15 mins get me some sweats and feels good:)
Day5 of skateboarding no falling cuz the place is busy and just practice for 20 mins :))) feel fresh

16 March 2017

Skateboard day4 can turn left tictac and fall a couple time :))) Experience make us growth.

12 March 2017

Day3 fall again LOL wish me luck ;)))

9 March 2017

Take care of other and don't forget to take care yourself. Eat healthy, stay hydrate, sleep enough and add exercise to your list. :)
Boxing day10 refreshing 😎 kind of addicted

8 March 2017

Day2 of ridding :)) fall one time but get up right away;))

7 March 2017

First day: zero wound, can wide turn ;))
My new project!! Skateboard for first time;) Feeling fresh trying new thing. feel the breeze on my face while I'm on race.