United States of America · 24 Days · 68 Moments · August 2018

Our adventure to Rusk, Texas

11 September 2018

A total of 5156 miles, 12 states, many hours of the most beautiful scenery, great experiences, love, peace, laughter and a fun filled 21 days. We calculated the cost and both agree it was worth every cent. Thank you Honey for an awesome vacation & celebration of your 50th birthday❤️

6 September 2018

We are safely home. We had an awesome trip. It was everything and more than Derek dreamed it would be. My constant prayer was one of thanks, my heart overflows. I kept thanking God that I have the privilege of seeing in colour. We live in a beautiful world. Now for some lay on the sofa, kick our legs up rest😋❤️
Whoop whoop....just clocked 9000 miles with 96 to go. What an extraordinary beautiful sunset. All glory to God ❤️
......and the day bids us goodbye with a beautiful sunset. Another 124 miles home. Tonight we sleep in our own bed❤️
Enroute Stanley
One of our favourite restaurants in North Dakota, Passage to India.. our goal was to enjoy lunch here.... 300+ miles and we made it in time for the buffet. What a feast! Blessed ❤️

5 September 2018

Good morning everyone! The skies declare the glory of our God. Holy, holy, holy is His name ❤️

4 September 2018

God's glory
Hitting the long road back.... 1400 miles home. We had a great Labour Day Weekend, and were sad to say goodbye

2 September 2018

More SA Potjie. So much good food, new & old friends, shared memories & laughter....and 8 legged friends too 🌸

1 September 2018

SA Potjie in Texas

31 August 2018

At last we arrive at the KOA, Rusk Texas. Some much needed family time.

30 August 2018

Now for the long haul to Rusk, Texas Excited to see family and friends at the South African Potjie

28 August 2018

Santa Fe is a beautiful place full of history. We hung out on the plaza, watching people, listening to music and just enjoying the vibe. We enjoyed great New Mexican food at The Shack....very spicy, but so delicious. The door ways were quite low, and as you can see Troep had to do some bending 😋 All in all it was a super fun day

27 August 2018

More rock crawling in Moab

26 August 2018

A quick breakfast and then 4x4 rock crawling. So excited!

25 August 2018

... and the sun starts to set on our last stretch to Moab (19:42)
Enroute Moab
Breakfast on the go 😉😎
Below zero requires at least 5 layers of clothing 😀🌬️🌬️🌬️ An early morning stop where we could get a strong signal. Hot Chocolate & a chat with Amke & Bianca and Arlette & Patty.

24 August 2018

Interesting things: Troep, the rebel, Brown tomatoes, colourful tomatoes & an old Ford Bakkie ❤️
A really fun town. They had a shoot out on one of the corners... Excellent acting. We went to one of the few drugstores with an ice-cream bar. They served delicious milkshakes. We had fun strolling about. A real lazy day, which our bodies definitely needed.😀
Million Dollar Cowboy Bar & Grill which featured in one of the John Wayne movies. It is really interesting & fun and their sticky wings tasted so good

23 August 2018

KOA camping cabin by the river. Peaceful & so beautiful
Teton National Park. We saw a Mamma Bear with her cub. First time we have seen a bear in the wild. The Tetons are always a beautiful sight
Old Faithful was right on time
Enroute Yellowstone, West entrance (Montana)
Montana Big Sky Country Specially for you, Dirk Ackerman
Earthquake lake 17 August 1959 an earthquake ripped everything aparr
Breakfast run 20 miles in the opposite direction. All fun & games 😀
Hotels & Motels with no vacancies...after riding for close to 100 miles we finally found a place to kick off our boots, have a nice hot shower and lay down our heads. Thank you Bonnie @ Fairweather Inn in the quaint little town of Virginia City, Montana

22 August 2018

Harley Davidson Missoula pitstop
National Bison Range.. .sadly we were not permitted to enter with a motorbike, however we met Barbara, an Italian woman from Arizona, with a beautiful soul. We are blessed ❤️
Stopped at Bowman Cherry Orchards & winery. We bought the sweetest Rainier Cherries....they are so good. Also bought Huckleberry and Cherry Brandy .

21 August 2018

A rare phenomenon, my husband cooking 😀 a combined effort of steak, mash & eggs. Yummy
A much needed wash 😀❤️
Lake Five. Beautiful clear water

20 August 2018

1000 miles in 3 days
This is what we look like after a 1000 miles in mostly rain ❤️
Montana Big Sky Country ...,you can see for miles and miles around you
Michelin woman ..5 layers
A divine warm breakfast with great conversation with Peggy & Connie. God just knows when we need some loving.... A wonderful young man, from the airforce, hung around until our bill got to the till. Without saying a word he blessed us by paying for our breakfast. Thank You Lord for unexpected blessings & acts of kindness ❤️
Day 3: Starting in full rain gear.... woke up to thunder & lightning, which have luckily subsided.

19 August 2018

What more can one ask ....after a beautiful days ride, chilling at our first camp fire on this trip - "nou gaan ons braai" in Billings, Montana ❤️
Ashland, Montana
Gas stop in Ashland, Montana.....butt break & snickers too😀
1st stop Devils Tower, Wyoming
Start of day two
Layered....5 at the top and 3 at the bottom. Walmart pitstip for dry gloves and wool socks 😀

18 August 2018

Beginning of the journey