Greece · 7 Days · 9 Moments · April 2017

Mainland Greece, Explore, April17

15 April 2017

Mont. Athos and Easter in Thessaloniki

14 April 2017

The Monestaries and Nunaries of Metoria and the road to Thessaloniki

13 April 2017

Delphi, Train to Domokos and Kastraki
Vouraikos Gorge, Galaxtri and Delphi

12 April 2017

Nafphlion and Olympia

11 April 2017

Island of Poros, Epidavros & Mycenae Poros is a small figure of eight shaped island, approximatley 200meters from the mainland and a little of an hour by SeaCat. its a typical greek island. White washed houses with red terracota roofs. Epidavros is the home of the worlds most well presevered theatre. Situated in the side of a mountain it overlooks a stunning vista of mountains and olive groves. The theatre is between 12 & 17 thousand and from the centre is boost 125 steps to reach the top. The acoustics are sublime, a whisper at he alter at the centre of the stage could be heard perfectly. Clapping made it sound as if there were ducks in the theatre. Stunning place! Last stop for the day was Mycenae. Mycenae's acropolois and the tomb of Agamemnon remain. Both sites are just outstanding. Walking up to the tomb feela like your about to enter a labarinth and the acropolis is perched so pefectly. The gates still stand and entering the city is breath taking! A must see!

9 April 2017

The Acropolis I wish I could be been alive to walk through the gates to the temples od Nike, Possiden and Athena. The site is a work in progress and will be for sometime to come. They have rebuilt the temple to Nike and most of the temple to Possiden. The Parthenon, requires lot more work and sadly was masked by machinary. The views out on to the city of Athens is stunning at the acropolis towera overs the city with its three sister peaks. Looking down across the city as I walked the walls I could see everything from the remains of the Temple of Zeus and the nearly intact temple of Hephaestus next to he restored Agora. After what was about 7miles of uphill walking we broke for lunch. Sovlaki is bits of meat on a stick, and a kebab is a whole piece of meat on a stick. Beer is mostly lager, but the microbrew scene is growing. Mythos, Alpha to name a few. Finally the music, its a twist of acostic metal folk in Greek. Its pretty good! Tomorrow we depart, and ill be sad to go.
Athens. Athens was not what I expected. This week is Easter and Greece being a religious country everything is quite, everyone in anticipation on weekends festivities to come. The atmosphere is laid back, friendly and generous. Sun was out strong today, witha deceptive sea breeze coming in from the bay. So of course i get burnt! however, its all for a worthy cause, he exploration of the ancient Acropolis and the Parthenon. Today started with a walking tour of the city. We started our walk in the INSERT NAME HERE. a stunning mosque cornering the square. From there we headed up towards the parliment and the national gardens. Sunday Service was in full swing. As we walked through the streets were we ingulfed in the throng of worshipers. The parliment is much like all others, but worth visit non the less, its history is more interesting than most and the national garden is worth a visit, plus is leads to the olympic stadium. All the time the Acropolis is not far out of view.

8 April 2017

Day 1. Trip to Athens. I have not really been too excited for this holiday, especially when you compare it to some of those I have been on in recent years. Athens to me has a reputation for crime, quite a difference from the athens described across the centuries. So i am slightly aprehensive about exploring in my usual lacadasical fashion. Explore is a new company to travel with. I am expected a much older generation. Not sure if this will be good or bad yet. but if past toura with intreip are a good bemchmark then they will be funny interesting a crazy people! shout of to stevie! This holiday i am traveling around mainland Greece, so the aim is to explore all the anicent ruins and relax in the sun. I will of course we eating my weight in local foods and drinks! I am still on my easy jet flight while typing this out...not sat in a bar with a cold one. I can see the sunset through the window of the plane and I cant help but wonder, what challenges will I face.