North America · 5 Days · 24 Moments · June 2018

Maine, USA

12 June 2018

End of the trip as we crossed the border at Calais/St Stevens. We are now in New Brunswick. Please follow me on my maritime trip for the remainder of June.
Lovely walk with Carole just before lunch.
Went for a nice 25 km cycle on the road bike this morning. The tide was pretty high so the view was different from yesterday afternoon ‘s view.

11 June 2018

Moss like this grows well at Acadia.
La nature peut être tellement belle!
Setting sun!
Grade 6 students living an outdoor education experience with Park services and the Schoodic education Service.
Rehabilitation of a Navy base that closed in 2002. This was an important navy vase as it picked signals of ships in the Atlantic during ww2 and beyond. The land was reverted back to the parks system. There are still a number building from that time that have become part of Schoodic School and Research Center. This Center has scientist doing studies on the environment.
18 km cycle on the tandem bike on the Schoodic Park Road. Beautiful scenery!
On our way to the Schoodic peninsula which is part of Acadia National Park, we stopped in Winter Harbour. We found a lobster cooperative that sold lobster to the public. We saw huge ones in a tank(did not buy those) but we did buy 3 1.25 lbs lobsters. They were delicious! We are 2 right away and we de boned one to use in a future salade. We will camp at the National Park Campground tonight.

10 June 2018

Reading a new book recommended by Hannah! Very good so far!
Come la faim fut encore présente, nous nous sommes arrêtés pour une bonne crème glacée fait maison aux bleuets. Très bonne, très grosses, très chers!
Après notre sortie en velo tandem j’avais très faim et Carole , la magicienne, nous a construite une pizza avec presque rien...c’était bon!
Went tandem cycling with Carole on the Park la Carriage Roads. These are amazing in terms of there quality and width. They can certainly go up for a longtime but they are pretty safe on the way down. We did just over 30 km. I am feeling tired and happy.

9 June 2018

Voici le petit BBQ que Carl nous prêt. Nous aimons faire du poulet grillé avec un bon couscous plein de bon légumes. Le bbq brûle des petits morceaux de bois. Avec l’électricité, nous pouvons faire fonctionner une petite fan qui aide à faire brûler le bois plus vite.
Nice things about having a camper, your fridge is never really far. We ate in a parking lot for Lunch. Just before we stopped at the Thunderhole but we were too early in terms of high tide to see the big splashes.
Hiked on the Great Head hiking trail off the beach. Moderately challenging. Nice weather! We had to park far up on the street.
Lobster trap buoy floating in the water. There so many of these out in the bays.
Précipice trail was close due to it being the mating season for the peregrine Falcon. It seems like an amazing g trail to do it is open.
Driving the Acadia Park Loop road!

8 June 2018

Un beau coucher du soleil ce soir.
Went for a 20 k cycle near the camp ground. Very pretty area but road is so so.
We arrived at the Oceanside KOA Campground near Bar Harbour, Maine. No reservation and we still managed a great site. After settling down, we went for a nice gentle walk along the seaside. It was low tide so we could venture quite far.
Left Quebec City early in the morning (6:00 AM) for Acadia National Park in Maine. In the Beauce on Road 173 we saw a small moose by the roadside. Unfortunately he was gone before we could take a photo. We stopped at a rest area and learned about maple syrup, the white pine,etc. Interesting that they had made the information bilingual (Eng/Fre). We saw two different groups running on the road. It is a tribute to the Special Olympics in Maine ( 49 years) Both times there was police safety set up.