United States of America · 5 Days · 12 Moments · August 2017

Mahlon's Solar Eclipse Adventure

21 August 2017

Complete stand still now . . . This is crazy!!! 😖😖😖
Not again!!! 😟😟😟
Well, this isn't any fun!!! 😭

20 August 2017

Enjoying one last ride on the golf cart with Poppie Taco(Grandpa)

18 August 2017

Started our second part of our trip with a visit to our childhood donut shop! Nom nom nom

17 August 2017

Made it to my sister-in-laws house last night. Not only was she kind enough to let us stay with her she also got the kids presents. Of course I asked where my present was......I got no answer. 😊
When we are back in Kearney we have to hit our favorite Chinese food!!!
Nebraska's sun 3 days pre-eclipse
Who says there is nothing in Nebraska?
Lincoln traffic.....it has never been this bad on a Thursday night. Must be the Eclipse!!!
Crossing the boarder into Nebraska.....not sure what all the hub bub is about a wall.

16 August 2017

Our trip back to Nebraska to see the Solar Eclipse starts tomorrow after work. We are very excited!!! We heard that there was suppose to be 500,000 people coming to Nebraska to see the eclipse. Glad we stocked up on snacks and drinks.