India · 3 Days · 6 Moments · May 2017

Mahendra's adventure in Uttarakhand, India

7 May 2017

Here my end of d journey now let me me thing where to go next. But this journey let me know how to tackle the situation in a harsh period One thing about this journey i would like to say that uttrakhand girls r so beautiful ....There me head rotates 360 degree๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜ I just climb 3000m mountain by foot... Because i didn't get cable car..Bit it was awsm to ....To climb by foot One more thing for this journey i just to pay only for traveling Moreover for accommodation and fooding i live into my frnds house . So this journey i only harshly spend 2000 rs.

6 May 2017

Here today end of the day mean while we r returning from d Sid Bali temple with wonder full great bath and enjoyed lot .... For every day one thing is common which is enjoy Nevertheless today wedding party will be end and she went to there husband house.,๐Ÿ˜Š

5 May 2017

After reaching to uttrakhand ...Here my journey starts ... We reached our destination at 7:00 am _ after getting fresh we moved on to kot dwar temple which is on the top of the mountain . But before going into the temple we have bath in d river_here we have great fun we enjoyed a lot. Then went to d top of the mountain and worshiped d god.... Attended wedding as well ...Here we have great fun #dancing #madness every was there.with friends.
Best ever bath _best ever wedding _beat every journey combo of 3 memories . Be like a bernier_vasco d Gama. They know everything just by teaches u beyond Ur thinking .... Till now i could only afford to traveling only in India But i hope in future i will damn sure i will travel d each and every corner of the world Even till now my journey status shows me #u have traveled only 1% of the world# India has 29 states nd till know i coverup 11 states remaining 18.
Here we have arrived in uttrakhand with d rising sun in between 2treees ...

4 May 2017

Here my unplanned journey starts with frenzy bros.. One thing i just wanted to tell about traveling is that #travelling is wat reboot reality_which tweak d sence_and becomes addictive. Once u start_it can be difficult to stop_and the more u do it and more u want to keep doing it ____________________________________________ Suddenly one call come to my phone by one of my untravelled traveler friend_and he said would u like to come uttrakhand ...@nd i just say yes and packed my bag _move to pick up a taxy