Europe · 73 Days · 13 Moments · February 2017

Maggie's Travels Through Prague, Czechia

15 April 2017

After surprising my parents & Lizzy in Vienna, we all headed to Prague by train!!! I was soooo excited to show them my stomping grounds. We walked the Charles Bridge, drank beer at the Letna Beer Gardens (while getting rained on; like that stopped us 😉haha). After attending a beautiful Easter mass (in English) we walked to Prague's main plaza to see the awesome astronomical clock, and attend the Easter markets. We continued our walk to Wenceslas Square where I promised Paulie the delicious street corner klobasa sausages and beers. The following day we took a trolley up to the Prague "Eiffel" Tower, where we climbed 300 steps up to the top for a beautiful view of the red brick rooftops. The night was spent having drinks at the top of the Dancing House with a gorgeous view of the city. Our final day in Praha was spent at the Prague Castle & Cathedral; one of my favorites!Plenty of beer & trdelnik's (chimney cakes) were had by all. So happy to have the fam in Europe...miss ya Bry!!! ❤

7 April 2017

When I first arrived I immediately noticed the large amounts of bikes parked outside the train stop. Everyone rides their bikes, everywhere! We checked out the I Am Amsterdam sign outside of the Rijksmuseum, and enjoyed a few Heineken beers on the canal. At night we visited the red light district, oh my what a sight! We then headed to the carnival at main square, (trying to overcome my fear of heights) we rode the Ferris wheel to get a beautiful site of the city. The following day we spent several hours at Keukenhof, the fields of tulips and several other flowers. Loved the tulips! Keukenhof was beautiful, full of all sorts of flower fields; truly an amazing experience! And my favorite part of the trip!!! On our last day we hit up the Van Gogh museum (because we were too late to get Anne Frank tickets, but we did see the outside of her house!). Overall such a wonderful trip; the locals were sooo friendly, loved all the bikes being ridden around, beautiful tulips, and great beer!

1 April 2017

The weekend started with going out to dinner with all our friends and then hitting a karaoke bar for some good tunes! The next day Prague reached 71 degrees, so we went to Letna Park to enjoy the beer gardens (open containers laws here are awesome!!) This park has a pretty incredible view of Prague. Since most of our friends were traveling this weekend, the girls decided to have our own night at the clubs. We went to my favorite club, Lucernas, which plays 80's & 90's throwback much fun!! The following day, was another beautiful day here reaching in the high 60's. I finally convinced everyone to go to the zoo with me! Prague is the 3rd best zoo in Europe and it did not disappoint! Almost every exhibit had babies; gorillas, orangutans, lions, oh yeah and the elephants!!! The elephants were my fav of course! Prague's zoo was very beautiful and since the zoo is built on a hill, I definitely got my steps in. What would a zoo day be if it didn't end with an ice cream cone?!

27 March 2017

Budapest was amazing! We left Prague by bus at 6 am and 7 hours later we were in Budapest!! The whole crew did a free walking tour of the main tourist attractions. The sunset was unreal!! The following day we woke up and walked 40 minutes to the Budapest baths. The baths were soo therapeutic, and the pools indoors each had different statues, temperatures, and color palettes. After the pools we headed to a traditional Hungarian restaurant where I had a delicious meal consisting of lots of wine and chicken paprika as my main course. Saturday evening was spent on a booze cruise down the river, where we got to see the city buildings at night...astonishing!! Definitely had motion sickness from the boat (thanks mama for that wonderful gene ;) hahaha) On our final day we toured St. Stephan's Cathedral and climbed to the top for an amazing view. To finish off the trip we ate a great lunch at a 5 star hotel's rooftop, right next to the cathedral. Hungary left my tummy full and my heart happy ❤

19 March 2017

This weekend was spent at home in Prague! Happy St. Patty's Day!....Prague barely celebrated it haha Saturday we started the weekend off by taking a train about an hour outside of Prague to a town called Kutna Hora. There we saw the Sedlec Ossuary (the bone church)...sooo cool!! This is a Catholic Church that consists of real human bones of about 40,000 people. Very erie!!! The chandelier of bones (pictured) contains every single bone in the entire human that's pretty neat!!!! Once we got back to Prague, a big group of us went to get wings for dinner, so amazing!!! I've been craving ranch dressing and this restaurant, Wing Hause, finally had it halla halla!!! Definitely missing some basic American popcorn, hard to come by out here :( On Sunday it was a very rainy and gloomy day in Prague, perfect weather to get some work done! I went to a local cafe to study for my first International Finance exam! Until the next adventure......

9 March 2017

Barcelona was an absolute blast!!! The first day we arrived we headed straight to a long block of restaurants that served all tapas (pictured-basically little appetizers GREAT!). The following day we hung out at the beach for the entire day drinking wine and getting a little bit of color ☀️I wanted to go swimming, but the water was freezing!! We finished with paella for dinner (pictured-best seafood I've had in my entire life!! We had leftovers for days :))The next day we walked the incline up to Park Guell where we saw amazing tile work, stone sculptures, and a beautiful view over the entire city. This was definitely a really cool area, and there were tons of flowers in bloom. The weather was fantastic compared to Prague' up to 70 degrees while we were there. Everyone in Barcelona was super friendly and extremely laid back (no sense of time...drove me absolutely crazy for the first day hahah) I definitely want to come back to Spain with all the aunts and cousins one day....!!!

3 March 2017

My 2 girlfriends and I stayed in the St. Germaine neighborhood which was full of cafes & night life! On our first night in Paris we bought bottles of wine & sat on the grass to watch the beautiful Eiffel Tower light up! It's indescribable...I was totally in awe!!! We did a bike tour the next morning around the city, and it POURED rain!!! It was a great way to see the city though! I've never been that drenched in a rain storm haha definitely a good story to tell! We dried off by walking through the Louvre where we saw the Mona Lisa...which was much smaller than I expected. On our final day we toured Notre Dame & saw the Arc de Triomphe. The weather was crazy....I bought an umbrella which then broke in the wind 5 min later haha. I enjoyed the best pizza I've ever had, my first macaroon (love!), lots of croissants, and of course crepes...mama smith has some competition ;) Paris was a blast even with the rainy weather!!!

23 February 2017

Started the weekend off with margaritas 😋Friday morning I planned for my friend Alana & I to travel 1.5 hours out of Prague to visit a church made completely out of human bones! Little did I know that I booked a 1.5 hour bus ride in the opposite direction :/ haha so we arrived in the town Louny where no one spoke a lick of English & our returning bus wouldn't come for another 2 hours. So we walked around this cute town & enjoyed a nice lunch....oops hahaha it was an adventure for sure! Saturday we climbed the tower at Charles bridge to get some cool sunset photos (definitely still terrified of heights), and enjoyed ice cream in the shape of a flower. Sunday we went to the Praha Sparta's hockey game! We won 3-1....and the beers were $1.50 😝

18 February 2017

Our group arrived in Poland at 7 am where we walked around the main square; filled with statues, churches, and the Malbork castle (further west). The food here is very hearty/meaty, but the traditional Pierogi's (dumplings) were fantastic! Last minute I decided to visit the underground salt mines in was incredible!! 53 flights of stairs down (about 800 steps & reaching 133 meters deep), the caves were filled with chiseled out salt caves. The main ballroom had chandeliers carved out of salt, along with the Last Supper engraving. This tourist attraction is a must see...if you miss seeing this place you might be a little salty ;) The next day we set out on an 2 hour bus ride to Auschwitz where we got a 3 hour tour of the concentration camp, main gas chamber (pictured), and the death camps. It was very heartbreaking being inside the barbed wire fences & walking through the gas chamber, but this tour truly left a lasting impression in my mind.

12 February 2017

The first 5 photos are from our 3 days in Vienna, the other 5 are the 2 days we spent in Salzburg. Vienna was fun with a free tour that showed us around the city....lots of diplomatic buildings. The best part of Vienna was the Schonbrunn Palace and garden. It was enormous, and I definitely want to explore the maze of the garden in the summer when the flowers are in full bloom! We then traveled to Salzburg, which gave us the small town feel (definitely will be back to Salzburg!!!) I watched sound of music for the first time last night.....the movie was filmed in Salzburg! The castle was one of the coolest tours I've ever been on. We drank lots of beer, ate wiener snitchels, and had their famous Austrian hot dogs with mustard (called Bosnas). Cafe Tomaselli was built in 1705, so we made a pit stop to enjoy their delicious cakes. We decided to leave Salzburg at 1:45 am, and arrived to Prague at 8 am....first day of school woot woot! Needless to say we need to catch up on some zzzzz's.

8 February 2017

Just left Prague for a long weekend in Austria! We are taking a 4 hour bus ride to Vienna (already feeling car sick! Haha) where we will stay for 3 nights, and then we will head to Salzburg for 2 nights. School starts Monday for us, and the cheapest bus ride costs $9 from Salzburg to Prague. Although we are leaving at 1:30 am on Monday to make it to class on time! We're gonna be making a great first impression on our professors ;) hahahah

2 February 2017

For some reason I always forget to take any sort of photos while being out at the clubs......but the "discos" (as said here) are sooooo much fun. They don't play today's hits, they play 70's, 80's, 90's music and it's awesome!!! You don't go out to the clubs here until 1 am and we have left from the clubs every night so far at 5:30 am. Dinner last night including a beer costed me $2.75, and grocery shopping for 2 weeks costed $8. For the Super Bowl we went to an Irish pub across the Charles Bridge to watch the game which started at 12:30 am my time. We left after Lady Gaga preformed at 3 am haha Yesterday we walked 5 miles to find the largest library in the world, only to find that it is under construction for the next year :( but the walk was beautiful! Oh and also yesterday we witnessed a guy get pick pocketed. It happened so fast that we couldn't even react! So hide yo kids, hide yo but seriously it does happen.
This first week has been the craziest week of my life! First day I arrived I was literally the first person to show up here in my program. So instead of sitting in my dorm room the whole day, I decided to jump on a tram and explore the beautiful city of Prague! Within the first 30 min I realized that anyone over the age of 30 doesn't speak a lick of English! First day I went to the astronomical clock, main plaza, and Charles Bridge. Truly a stunning scene. I needed to use the restroom and considering I had to pay 10 Koruna or Crown (which is 0.39 cents in America) to use the restroom, I hopped back onto my tram to go back to the dorms..... There I met my first suite mate! So I room with 2 other CSU girls on the 4th floor, and no one has moved into the bed next to me yet. We found the rest of the CSU crew on the 2nd floor! Yesterday we had Orientation at school. No school on Fridays, and 3/4 classes are 3 hours and 15 min long........but only held once a week :)