Philippines · 10 Days · 15 Moments · December 2014

Mae Aemie's odyssey through Philippines

19 December 2014

An hour later, Rich and Bianca arrived ordering several delectable food. First, the Arborio Rice Risotto, Roasted Chicken & Prawns, Parmesan Cheese. A superb dish that surprised my taste buds. A must have on your list of food to try. Exploding with delicious ingredients and species. All i can say is get ready for a taste of heaven. I wanted to steal away their order and finish everything. Second, the slow crispy suckling pig with mustard sauce and bok choy. It was a surprise that the pig melts inside your mouth! It was so soft and tangy! What a delight! Last, Rich's favorite, fresh and spicy oysters. I wasn't able to taste it but the look of Rich's face, I guess it was superb. Haha!
For our main entree, Abeth and I shared on the Ricotta Gnudis. I love cheese and this is definitely a must try for all cheese lovers out there. Once you slice the ball in half, you will see a good amount of ricotta cheese then add on some virgin olive oil and shredded sautéed mushrooms. Amazing how all the ingredients compliment each other. A divine taste to my palate! Abeth got the Foie Wagyu Burger with potatoes and Romesco Sauce. The meat was lean, tender and juicy. I can count this as a man's food. I don't know. Flavors were too manly for me. (Whatever that means haha). Potatoes were cut into thick slices. Fried on the outside, soft in the inside. Good sauces too.
And my order, I choose the Red Tuna Tataki and Safron with Spicy Red Rice. I loved the plate presentation. It was served with a long wooden plate and meat was right in the middle ready to be eaten first. As I had that one bite, all flavors came bursting inside my mouth. The tuna was raw yet so fresh! The rice was so rich and flavorsome. It didn't overpower each other. Ang sarap!
As we were waiting for Rich and Bianca, we ordered for starters, the chorizo pizza which is according to them, their best seller. It comprises of 4 pcs pizza that almost a size of a regular ashtray, dough is crispy, chorizo is slightly cooked and oven baked with mozzarella cheese. Well, for me, it lacks flavor, it was a bit bland. it needed more salt and spice to it. We also ordered Sicilian Limonata, a lemonade infused almond. You can really taste the chinese almond (says Abeth) that makes the drink more distinct and refreshing. Nicely done! Abeth and I liked it.
Last night on December 18. My friends namely Rich, Bianca, Abeth and I decided to go on a food trip and also to celebrate an intimate christmas dinner before Rich flies to Vegas. We choose Rambla in Rockwell to have our first food expedition together. Abeth and I were the first ones to come and the waiter pleasantly welcomed and placed us at the top floor almost at the edge of the restaurant, like a remote place of something (haha). Behind us, we had only the parking lot of Joya Loft as our view, but the good thing is we had a coach, though we felt as if we were excluded from the world. (Haha)

18 December 2014

We almost talked for 4 hours about life, ideas, future and career. Conversations like these make me feel that I'm really getting old but I'm grateful that I've chosen the right people to be with. To more life adventures together! ❤️

10 December 2014

On our last day, Took a quick swim at the beach because we had to go home early due to the bad weather coming up, "bagyo ruby". Before leaving the paradise, we said goodbye to Van and Ian, for Irene, Esai, Rich and Bianca, they left at 7am because they had an early flight. I had a marvelous time with these people inspite the pain in my neck. Definitely, one of the books! Here is a picture of the sky before heading back to Manila. God is amazing and so is our nature! ❤️
As the sun went down, we had dinner at D'Talipapa. It is located at Station 3, a fish market where you pick your food and you choose a restaurant to cook the seafood for you. It is called "paluto" in tagalog. We ordered a lot of shrimps, oysters, crabs and squids cooked in varieties like butter and garlic, fried, black ink and just butter. With the amount of food we ordered it was a surprise we finished everything. Hahaa! Takaw lang!
The next morning, i woke up early to experience two season's breakfast. The choices weren't as much as I expected it to be, but the food was delicious. I went for a swim right after eating (talk about appendicitis haha). Irene and the rest of the group head off to my hotel to meet me and we planned off the day. First, we decided to do island hopping at the afternoon and chill by the beach with drinks at night. As we went on discovering some islands, the weather suddenly didn't cooperate, strong current were starting to form, so unfortunate of us, we weren't allowed to go to the other 2 islands, which are the crocodile and carabao island. We dived onto the open sea and sighted some beautiful corals and school of fishes. Manong was nice enough to get 3 sea urchins for us to get a closer look and eat some. Life underwater has always been like peaceful place to me.

9 December 2014

As the sun began to set, We had dinner at the Two Seasons Hotel also, and ordered their famous 4 cheese pizza. I must say, it was delightful, you can see the cheese oozing out as you pull a slice, and taste the freshness and density of the cheese. Oh heavenly! We also ordered the baked and chili oysters, it was pretty good as well. Thenafter, we jumped into the pool to chill and burn some calories from all that cheese. Haha. The water was a a bit warm, perfect way to de-stress. We parted ways to freshen up and meet after 3 hours for a couple of drinks. Too bad, I wasn't able to drink because of my neck pain. After drinks, we had a midnight snack that is the famous Chorizo Burger. You have a selection of sweet and sour sauce or you can have both. You better try it especially when you need to recovery from intoxication. Haha! I enjoyed its taste. After our cheap thrill, we headed back to our respective hotels and went to bed.
After swimming, we walked around Station 2. Took Irene's boyfriend, Esai for a quick tour around. Haha! Afterthat, we passed by the famous Jonah's shake, you can't leave Boracay without trying their shakes. I ordered the Banana Vanilla. It was delicious , I really liked it but Rich said it tasted like Birch Tree. Haha! (crazy fool, as always). We went back to Two Seasons Hotel to get some drinks. We were still on time for Happy Hour. Goodie! (happy hours: 1pm-6pm) Drinks, Beach and Sunset, you can never go wrong with that.
Last December 2, 2014. I went on a flight to Boracay alone. It was actually my first time to travel all by myself. (very liberating). My flight got delayed for about 30 minutes. Good thing, I brought some books and earphones to keep me from boredom. Actually these are two of the quintessential things to survive while waiting for your flight, and of course a good playlist. As our plane took off, PAL was very accommodating to their passengers. They gave free snacks for an hour haul unlike other flights that doesn't offer such. As I went out the airport, I was welcomed by Two Seasons shuttle, they welcomed me with a big smile, a plus to their recommendation! We headed to pier that will take a 10 minute boat ride to the island of boracay and a 20 minute ride to my hotel. I arrived late afternoon and my friends, Irene, Esai, Rich and Bianca waited for me at the beach. I changed my travel outfit into a swimming outfit, I was amazed by how blue the water and white sand is in Station 1.
After the water adventure. One of our friends, Grace, arrived in Boracay. We are finay complete! We all took a quick shower and went straight to Epic Club for dinner and drinks. Chatted the whole night and took group pictures at the famous sand sculptures. Before heading back to the hotel, they ate at Master Siomai and I took a stroll by the shore, total serenity especially when I walked barefoot, felt the sand between my toes and the water running through my legs. Ahh perfect way to end the night.
On the third day, Grace and I were suppose to head back to Manila but she decided to extend for another night. (she paid for my flight and accommodation by the way, thank you Grace!) I woke up early to eat breakfast and went straight to swim. Few hours before lunch, they followed. The heat was unbearable, so I decided to just relax and buy pasalubong for my family at D'mall.
The view was spectacular. We soaked our bodies into the beach, immediately. We also tried the paddle board which you must have a strong upper body to paddle. This is not for the weak. Haha! Of course, we took a lot of photos using the GoPro, the perfect gadget when you are in an adventure. Our pictures turned out great. The backdrop of the pictures were fantastic. The water was nonchalant and the weather was just right. Good job mother nature!