New Zealand, Australia · 18 Days · 18 Moments · December 2018

Maditha in Australia

11 January 2019

The day before I’ve booked my flight from Melbourne to Hobart, Tasmania, for Saturday early in the morning, but there was still the problem with the campervan. I had to check out at the Discovery so locked my stuff into the library. Then Milli called that there’s a problem with selling the car and she only had a few days left until she had to go back to Germany. At the end everything ended good for us. She could sell the car and my travelmates and I found a campervan in Hobart. I hung out in the shopping mall and the park killing some time until my flight at Saturday 6 am. I decided to skip a hostel night because of that early flight. In the evening I took the free city circle tram 35 for a last look around Melbourne. I really fell in love with that city. There are some good vibes which let me feel pleasant. After a nice chat with a couple at Federation Square my phone and my powerbank died. I ended up charging them and phoning with Neltje at 1am at the coach station toilet... 😅

10 January 2019

The next day started with a another stop at the Queen Victoria Market. I was staying at the Discovery again so the market was in a short distance. I bought some souvenirs and another Exploding Kittens card game because I messed up the other one with a banana in my backpack... 🙈 After that I went to the library again. Yes I’ve spent a lot of time in the library, but it’s a good place to organize and manage some stuff. The German girl - Sophie - responded me that I can join her and two others to Tasmania 🙃 The problem was that we wanted to travel in a hired campervan, but it was difficult one in such a short term which is not that expansive as well... John and his travelmate Paul spent the day at the library with me until they had to take their night coach to Adelaide - like I die a week before 😅 So I had to socialize again after my sushi dinner in the park watching the sunset. I went at the rooftop of my hostel and had a nice chat with an American guy from Florida.

9 January 2019

In the morning I arrived in Melbourne again. I had to do some planning again and also responding to my birthday wishes - thanks to you all! 🙃 First I went into a café until the library opened at 10am. There I met John again. In Adelaide I had the idea to go to Tasmania, so I did some research which would be the best way. I’ve found a post in a backpacker group on Facebook from a German girl who wanted to go to Tasmania as well and who was also looking for travelmates. At the evening I went to the Queen Victoria Night market. That was a HUGE food market. It was very crowded, but I ate very tasty food and enjoyed some nice live music. 😊

8 January 2019

Tuesday was my last day in Adelaide. I had to do some paperwork for selling Millis and my car from New Zealand because her time there was coming to an end as well. So I enjoyed the last noon at the porch. After a short walk through Adelaide CBD, which is not very stunning in my opinion, I took the bus back to Melbourne.

7 January 2019

On Monday my friends had to work again, so I decided to go to the Nationalpark again trying to see some kangaroos. I walked around for a while listening to a podcast and seeing no kangaroos. But I’ve found a koala mum and a baby and watched the baby climbing around the tree. I was so happy again! 🙃 Than I’ve started a walk to a waterfall which you could reach through an old short tunnel. The walk up was nice especially for the view. Unfortunately it was to dry the last weeks in Adelaide so there was no waterfall ☹️ In the evening, Yannick, Cam and I went into a pub for a beer. We also watched a nice sunset 😊

6 January 2019

After celebrating into my birthday with this bogans 😅 and this real Aussie experience we planned to go to the beach at this day. It was over 30 degree at my birthday - the first time in my life 🙃. Unfortunately the car of my friend died. It overheated the whole time and he couldn’t fix it. Before that happened we could make a stop at Windy Point and the Mount Lofty Lookout where I had a stunning view over Adelaide! I also could see a koala really close 😍 You see, I‘m a lucky girl in finding koalas! 🙆🏼‍♀️ Instead of going to the beach we had a walk at the nearby Belair Nationalpark. He told me that there are always kangaroos and I was excited to see my first kangaroos in Australia. Guess what we didn’t see that day after wandering around for 1,5h 😅. I decided to have a look again at the next day. The day ended with a beer at the terrace 😊 It was a special birthday in its own way 😁

5 January 2019

Friday wasn’t very interesting. I had to check out at the hostel again and hid in the Victoria State Library with John because it was 41 degree outside! So way to hot to do something outside and I could lock my backpack as well. After a dinner at Sushi Hub - I are so much sushi in Melbourne! 🙈 - he walked me to the coach station for my overnight ride to Adelaide. Arrived in Adelaide I had to notice that there’s a half an hour time shift between Melbourne and Adelaide. That’s ridiculous in my opinion! I took the train to Blackwood where I’ve visited the Australians which I met in Melbourne one week ago 🙃 They invited me and I could stay at Yannick’s house for a few days. I helped him painting some baseboards which was pretty cool! It felt nice to do something useful after that time only traveling around. At the evening we’ve met a couple of his friends and had a nice timber wood barbecue 😍 as well as lots of beers and lots of beer pong matches 🍻😅

3 January 2019

At the last day of our little road trip we had a stop at the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. It was recommended by another backpacker in our last hostel. We saw another koala 🙃 A day can’t start better then seeing a koala first 😍 There was also an emu at the carpark and a shingleback lizard at one of the short walks 😊 We had to go back to Melbourne after that to give back the hired car. We made our way through the rough traffic of Melbourne 🙈 We said goodbye after that really nice trip together and I went back to the Discovery Hostel where I spent one more night. In the evening I went into the Carlton Gardens and had a little night walk along the Royal Exhibition Building and the Melbourne Museum. 😊

2 January 2019

The next day started with a nice breakfast. The couple was so kind to go grocery shopping for us all before the trip has started. They’re so lovely people! While breakfast we had a nice view at 2 Koalas sitting in the tree next to us!! TWO KOALAS! 🐨 I‘m the happiest girl right now after seeing my first koalas in wildlife 😍 I felt so pleased in that moment! It was amazing 🙃 After that we continued our ride along the Great Ocean Road. We went into a California Redwood Forest. This trees are so huge! And nearby was a nice waterfall as well. You could see platypus there, but we didn’t ☹️ Then we visited the overcrowded Twelve Apostels and the luckily less crowded London Bridge. After a lunch break at a nice little beach we drove to our next accommodation in Warnambool. We had a little walk at that nice natural beach and played „Exploding Kittens“ after dinner 🙃 check this game out, it’s fun ;)

1 January 2019

New Years started with a wake up call. I wanted to join three other backpackers for the Great Ocean Road. I accidentally set my alarm off so I was a little late, but it didn’t matter. I could start my little roadtrip with the German/American couple, Julie and Alex, and a girl from Peru - Silvie. :) First stop was a nice beach near Torquay, where we relaxed and went for a swim. 😊 After that we were at Airleys Inlet where we had a stunning view at the ocean. Arrived at the accommodation and still exhausted from celebrating New Year’s Eve, we cooked together and the others went to bed. I phoned with my mum and sat at the terrace of the hostel. While sitting there a French Canadian - Alex - offered me a beer and started a nice conversation which lasts until 3am. 😅 he also gave me a hint that there should be a koala in the tree at the accommodation, but it was to dark to see anything...

31 December 2018

First thing to do on New Year’s Eve was phoning my best friend Katrin because of her birthday 🎂 😊 After that I moved into the next hostel, the Discovery, and spent the noon at the library doing some paper work. In the afternoon I took a ride in the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. It was very crowded with Asian tourists, but the view over the city was stunning! One Asian family also asked me for a photo WITH me... I have to look so fucking German 🙈 In the evening I joined John and a few Germans and French for having a drink in a park nearby. We walked to the Yarra River for watching the fireworks. It was nice, but didn’t last that long. I expected a little bit more from a city like Melbourne. Anyway I even don’t like fireworks that much, so it was no big deal for me. Unfortunately my phone died, so I couldn’t take any pictures of it. 😕 But I keep it in my mind. 🧐

29 December 2018

After being a little bit hangovered... I went for a walk through the laneways for spotting some street art. I followed a way which is described in my Lonely Planet. Some of the laneways remind me of the ones in Leipzig like Mädlerpassage. I ended up in a park near the river eating some sushi, which is pretty cheap in Melbourne and phoning with Milli to hear how she is doing 😍 After that I could watch a beautiful sunset 🌅 over Yarra River on my way back to the hostel. I’ve met Yannick and Cam again and we went dancing into a club 🙃👯‍♀️ Sunday wasn’t very spectacular than. I chilled in my hostel planing my trip to the Great Ocean Road and went into the library later.There I‘ve started a conversation with a French guy called John which lasted until the evening. He is a philosophy teacher in France and we talked a lot about traveling and cultural differences and languages. That was a pretty nice conversation! 😊

28 December 2018

So you see, I‘m very bad in journaling... but I try to update you know. On Friday morning I went to the Queen Victoria Market with Lea, the German Au Pair. This market is the biggest open market at the southern hemisphere and yes it’s really huge! You can buy anything and it’s pretty cheap in comparison to the grocery stores. After that we joined a free walking tour which lasted 3 hours. We saw the most important buildings in and around the CBD and we had a very cool and funny guide - Desmond - who told us a lot of fun facts and jokes... beware of the drop bears! (google it! ;)) Afterwards I moved into The Greenhouse Backpackers, which Constantin recommended me. So, here we are! I arrived in the real backpacker’s life carrying around my stuff most of the time 🤷🏼‍♀️ After a nap in my new home I joined some guys at the hostel‘s rooftop. I met two Aussies from Adelaide, Yannick and Cameron. Later Lea joined us trying to find a pub after the rooftop was closed. 😊

27 December 2018

Two of the players invited me and another German guy from Berlin, called Leon, who also joined the matches for some food and a beer 🍻 after playing. I looked like a mess after playing and bathing in the sea 🙈 but who cares 🤷🏼‍♀️ Back in the city around 11pm I went for a walk at the Yarra River enjoying the lights. I chilled in front of the Crown Casino until suddenly a fire show started out of some sculptures! 😧 It was pretty cool! So the day ended very nice and I didn’t have to go to bed desperately. I was a little bit upset earlier the day because it took so long to find some other volleyball maniacs. 🙈 P.S. wenn meine Familie das liest, ich bin hier auch alleine in der Nacht total sicher. Überall ist Polizei nachts auf der Straße ;)
After a short talk with two German girls at breakfast, I headed into the city for some little grocery shopping. After that I decided to take the tram - Melbourne has the biggest tram network in the world - at Flinders Station to go to the Southern Melbourne Beach trying to catch some people up for some volleyball 🏐 When I arrived at 3pm it was super hot and no one played at this beautiful beach with 12!!! free courts except 4 guys, who didn’t want me to join, because they were practicing... 😕 So I drove to St. Kilda Beach expecting a fun competition what I’ve read about. It shall be a weekly event for the beach volleyball community. Unfortunately there was nothing because of the holidays between Christmas and New Year. I went back to Southern Beach around 7pm hoping that there are some people now because it was not that hot anymore. Lucky me I FINALLY find a nice group that let me join them and after nearly 2 months I could jump around in the sand again! 😍 Oh I missed it so much!

26 December 2018

The next day, I head into the city with the thought, that it will be empty, because it’s Christmas and everybody should be at their families. What I didn’t know, 26th December is Boxing Day, which means super sales all around! The people even queued in front of the stores for hours! So I bought a Lonely Planet and some food and escaped into a nice park, where I spent a few hours. After watching some skaters in a skater park, I went back to the hostel for joining a pub quiz. I saw an advert for it before and thought it would be good for getting in contact with some people. Unfortunately it did not take place because of Christmas 😑 So I watched the sunset on the rooftop of my hostel and had a nice chat with a german girl called Lea, who is Au Pair, so I finally socialized a bit and went to bed with a good feeling 😊

25 December 2018

First impressions: completely different two my last two months in green NZ with its small towns... 🤯 But I safely arrived in my hostel, the Space Hotel, and spent a calm night. Also the view of the rooftop is so stunning!
After two incredible months together I have to leave my amazing and beloved travelmate Milli and our home on wheels „Fritz“ 💔 I miss her already! But now I‘m looking forward to explore the eastcoast of Australia for the next 6 weeks. Hopefully I‘ll see some of these guys 🐨😍! I wasn‘t in the mood for blogging (just a few posts on Instagram) while our Road trip adventure, but I decided to give it a try on my solo trip right now to keep you guys up to date 😊 So, I already failed the first time... I didn’t know, that I had to apply my tourist visa for Australia before going to the airport... I thought that I would get it at the airport like I had got my visa for NZ at the airport in Germany... well, it’s not that way🙈 Luckily a very kind lady from my airline helped me to get my tourist visa, so that I could enter the plane ✈️ on time 🙆🏼‍♀️. Usually I’m pretty well prepared and organized for anything, but sometimes... I forget the obvious stuff 🤷🏼‍♀️