United States of America · 16 Days · 19 Moments · December 2017

Trip Along the West Coast (USA)

14 January 2018

OH CANADA!!!!! Canada is amazing, but surprisingly pretty dirty in Vancouver. Just so you know, POUTINE IS MY LIFE NOW, OH AND TIMBITS!!! After touring Vancouver for the day, we watched the sunset as we ate food from a taco truck :))

12 January 2018

Washington, SEATTLE This is where my heart lies now. It’s beautiful and the people are amazing, I WANNA LIVE THERE SO BAD NOW. It reminds me a lot of Brissy (city wise) but the suburbs are better. How? I don’t know, can’t put my finger on it- but it’s better. *Sigh* But there won’t be any way I could convince anyone to move us there, ugh 🙄😂

5 January 2018

SAN FRANCISCO The pictures that say “Section” then a number, are the ones from san fran !!

3 January 2018

SOMEWHERE I DON’T KNOW I fell asleep during the bus ride so I have no idea where we went but it was cool. A memorial, I think. Cool times.
Part 1: FRIENDS I haven’t made that many, but they are all I need really! I don’t have pictures of all of them so... Here are my main men. I have other friends, so you don’t need to worry about my social life (not yet at least), but they just didn’t make it onto this list and most, I don’t have pictures of. Picture 1: Crystal Picture 2: Alicia (pronounced alyssa) Picture 3: Crystal and Bella Picture 4: Bella (I finally got a picture)

2 January 2018

Part 2: DISNEYLAND Land of Disney, blah blah blah... Memorable moments p.2- 1. They make fake snow which is basically just foam 2. Pretzels aren’t the best but blue churros are! Also, an honourable mention to mint choc chip ice cream 3. They are still obsessed with christmas, they still have carols playing and everything is christmas themed
Part 1: DISNEYLAND The land of Disney... Fun times were had here! Memorable moments- 1. Space Mountain was definitely the best ride! 2. Bella learnt that parades weren’t on at 6:30-9 3. It is very hard to navigate almost everything 4. Haunted Mansion is probably the most misleading attraction ever (p.s. it turns out to be a boring ride and not a haunted house)

31 December 2017

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30 December 2017

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29 December 2017

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