United States of America · 7 Days · 24 Moments · March 2018

Madeline's tour through Saint Pete Beach, FL,

19 March 2018

Back in Minnesota😑
Goodbye Florida😣
Even Florida's sad we are leaving.....

18 March 2018

Went parasailing and got my hair done
Got ice cream at Larry's 80 flavors

17 March 2018

Dolphin watching today.

16 March 2018

Yes, I am sleeping.
Touch tank at Guy Harvey's.

15 March 2018

OMG the food was sooooooo good!
We got to snorkel in this humongous tank!

14 March 2018

New favorite food....deep fried calamari.
My legs were super tired.
Yaaaaaaaaaas mom!🤣

13 March 2018

Good night Florida✌
First day!!!!!
So warm......
I couldn't stop smiling when we landed!
Waiting at the airport 5:20am
4:40am!!!!! Goin to the airport😪😪😪🙃