Canada · 127 Days · 14 Moments · November 2017

Madeline in A Dinner Party

2 April 2018

Set the rules for the world you are creating.

1 April 2018

I’ve just realized that my posts are not chronological in the order I post them, but rather the chronology of when the photo was taken.....

28 March 2018

This Monday we got to be in the actual performance space! I feel very lucky that we got to be in there before our dress rehearsal. There is so much you can learn and come up with, and you will understand the kinds of challenges you may face.
Hidden and unattainable

21 March 2018

Things don’t always go as planned. You can have an idea in your head of what you want to do, then when you go to execute it, it just falls through.

19 March 2018

Working things out for the first time can be difficult and frustrating. And working in such an overly creative atmosphere with overly creative people can be even more frustrating. What’s important I find is to learn from that frustration and have a productive conversation afterwards.

13 March 2018

2/2 the benefit of being is such a large, loud space though is that the sound is everywhere. It vibrates the floor, the seats, everything. It was cool to see how different the vibes were in each space and concert. Which is something that can definitely be replicated in theatre spaces. The dome doesn’t have many hidden spaces, but festival hall itself is a bit of a hidden space. It’s in inglewood, amongst a residential street. And that was definitely my favourite concert that week.

12 March 2018

Each chair is a different personality. And each person brings their own personality and stories to a Dinner Party. Just like a devised collaborative piece. Each person brings they’re own creativity and process to the piece.

10 March 2018

1/2 This weekend I saw a concert at the saddledome and it reminded me of a few months ago when I went to three concerts in a week, at three different venues. That week I saw Imagine Dragons at the Saddledome, Japandroids at the Macewan ballroom, and Moullettes at festival hall. A large, medium and small venue. I have always found it interesting to see how bands can fill a space with sound. Imagine dragons definitely have a big enough sound to fill the dome, but the moullettes, probably could fill it as well. Seeing them in the small venue though created a super intimate experience. We sat in the front row, about six feet from the slightly raised stage. Many times I made eye contact with the musicians, which was a little awkward, but definitely an interesting experience. And then the shows in the saddledome, they were fun to watch, but definitely not as private. Loud, lots of crazy lights, sticky floor, dome foam (beer).

7 March 2018

Making connections between different areas of research.

5 March 2018

Site specific/site relational: using a space the way that it should be used. Exploring “hidden” spaces within Craigie hall. We found ourselves transported back to the eighties. To a part of craigie that seems stuck in a time capsule. And in this time capsule the facilities actually still work (Like they would have, when the building was originally built) The bathroom is not blocked off as a bio hazard.... the building layout seems to make less and less sense the higher you go. The other floors of the building are such a mystery to us. We ended up in the faculty of nursing? Passing through a French club room? Are these places really hidden, or are they just hidden because we are so exclusive to our own faculty that we have never bothered to look for them. Our space was a “quiet study area” but being just outside the faculty of nursing main office, it felt more like a doctors waiting room... what was it like to sit in a waiting room before cell phones ?

4 March 2018

Here is where I will write about my journey in an alchemy performance.

29 November 2017

Having these shows at noon is a weird thing. Like I’m nervous because I want it to be enjoyable for people, but then I also understand that probably only a few people will be there to watch it. So are my nerves worth it?

26 November 2017

I’m finding it really hard to post a third post every week. It’s easier to write about something right after class, then not. It was the first week of taking flight this week and it was really stressful. So here is a cute photo of one of my dogs Olive. My dogs make me happy, and ease my stress.