Indonesia, Australia · 8 Days · 24 Moments · November 2017

Maddy's voyage in Indonesia

30 November 2017

As we’d just gone through the gate dom arrived and we got to hug and say our goodbyes! it was like a scene out of a movie hahahah! We then boarded and headed home.
Today we got and had to pack all our stuff. We went to the same nice cafe that we’d been to for lunch several times for breakfast! Dom had already left by the time we woke up as he’d booked an earlier boat back to bali. Our boat was at liek 11:15. We got there in good time and got a spot on top of the boat (so i don’t get sea sick). The boat was very long and bumpy. We lathered ourselves in sunscreen determined not to get burnt this time! Once we got back to bali we were driven straight to the airport. We made our way through customs etc and tried to find dom. Turns out he hadn’t even gone through customs yet!! so we just sat down and got food. I got a ham and cheese croissant which was quite nice and then a chocolate muffin for the plane. Ben and i then got duck and chicken from this asian place to eat right before our flight (as it would be our dinner). Finally we couldn’t wait any longer and had to board.

29 November 2017

We wanted to go back to place with the amazing lava cakes but once we got there they were closed :(((( we ended up going to another place a bit down the main strip which also had lava cakes. It was still good, but not as good as the other place. It was nice tho, we sat on the rooftop and watched the lightning.
Today everyone except dom and i went diving (i didn’t bc of asthma). we went to get lunch at the nice cafe on the main strip. Ben leif dom and i slept in, while rachael and josh had a course in the morning as they hadn’t dived before. We met them for lunch and then they all had to leave as soon as the food came to go diving. Dom didn’t come to lunch, so i went for a wander by myself. I bought a bag and a cute purse and just looked in all the shops. After i while i bumped into dom! he was at a restaurant eating lunch. So i sat with him until he was done and then we went back to our place. We went for a swim and just chatted for a while. After a while we went to our rooms and showered etx before the others got back. After relaxing for a while we went out for dinner to the cheap place close to us with the $2 chicken rice. They were all so tired so afterwards we just headed back. We swam for a bit and then leif dom ben and i went to get desert!

28 November 2017

Today ben and i were exhausted so we didn’t do much. We all went for breakfast together and then ben and i just went back to our place to sleep. Rachael also just slept during the day while leif dom and josh took shrooms again and went snorkelling! Ben and i slept and watched movies all day. Later we got up around 7, got rachael and tried to contact the boys to go get dinner etc. We we got street food and i got one of the wraps we had the other night :)) It was nice! and then we went back to amazing desert place with the lava cakes and i got the panacotta yummm! We didn’t stay out as they all want to go diving tomorrow so we just went back to our place and chilled in the pool before we went to sleep :)

27 November 2017

We went to this bar and got more shroom smoothies. We specifically asked for NO alcohol and guess what... they put alcohol in them 😡 they tasted SO BAD and after 30 minutes they still hadn’t done anything!!! Ben got super mad and confronted the guys working there and they just refused to take responsibility for it!! We ended up leaving and going back to our place. The boys he’ll wanted to go out so me ben dom and leif went back out to get drinks. We went to jiggy bar and got cheap shots and then left to go back to sama sama bar (reggae bar). Leif decided he wasn’t feeling it and went home, and dom ben and myself chilled at the bar for a while. It was kinda dead so after a while we went back to jiggy bar. Dom is super confident and made friends with so many randoms omg. After a while we started heading home bc ben and i were kinda done. But along the way dom made us stop at a pizza place uhhhh. We stayed for a bit while he ate before heading home to sleep
Rachael and i all of a sudden got the giggles and could not stop!! i’ve literally never laughed that much in one go ahahaha. It was ridiculous, all i had to do was look at her and we’d start laughing omg 😂 Id just see her mouth quiver as she tried not to laugh and it set me off HAHHAA. Turns out she’d started laughing because she saw coral that looked like chicken feet 🐥 so funny, and the boys did not have the giggles so they thought we were crazy. After a while ben and dom went to go get us all food! it felt like they were gone FOREVER! it got dark quite quickly and it looked like a storm was coming as there was heaps of lightning and loud thunder. Everything was so beautiful i could just stare into the sky and ocean. The lightning was amazing, at the time i felt like i was controlling it :”) Finally after a while ben and dom came back with samosas, wraps and more mushrooms! we ate it all super quickly and rode back to the main strip.
Today ben and i got coffee and booked us accomodation incase the volcano caused our flight to be cancelled. We went to our usual place: hart coffee lane. We then all hired bikes and adventured around the island. The boys wanted to find a spot to do shrooms. After a while of riding they settled on a spot on the beach with beanbags etc. They all got shroom smoothies, rachael and i didn’t. Then the guy brought out this tiny little take away cups of murky, chunky, green liquid. There was some extra left over that he gave to me. After a bit rachael and i decided to get one to share. The guy insisted it wouldn’t be enough for the two of us but we chose to stick with sharing one. When he came out he brought us two smaller cups and said he gave us extra as he wanted us to have a good experience!! and he only charged us for one!! so nice of him :)) we then left and rode to a new spot further down the beach. We found a beautiful spot and stayed there. We swam, snorkelled and just chilled.

26 November 2017

After a while everyone came in from surfing and leif had lost his camera!!! Sped, he had it in his pocket while surfing... they spent an hour or more snorkelling looking for it. While they did that the rest of us played volleyball with the locals!! It was so fun and quite embarrassing because i’m rather bad HAHA 😂 I fell to get the ball and hit it over and found out that it wasn’t exactly all soft sand 😕 It was just a thin layer of sand over cement so it hurt a fair bit rip. We then went back to our place and chilled for a while before going out for dinner! After dinner we went to a shisha place and sat upstairs. All of a sudden fireworks started! It was amazing 🎆🎇
We then hired surf boards and went out for a surf. Rachael and i stayed over near the smaller waves bc we were rookies ahaha and the boys all went to the bigger ones. We tried for a bit and clearly looked like spastics as before long a local came over to help us. He held my board and told me to try standing up and corrected my technique. He then helped me get a couple good waves !! which was really cool :)) but then the waves started to get a lot bigger and i kept getting dumped trying to get back out. Then this massive wave came and this guy was riding it straight towards me, he then got dumped and barrelled straight into me. it was so scary i was underwater for so long and couldn’t find my way up. When i finally got back up i was feeling hell short of breath and then had an asthma attack. I knew i wouldn’t be able to get back out at this point so i just paddled in and sat on the shore. A local then came and sat by me and started chatting to me. he was nice but i wasn’t in the mood
Today ben and i slept in and got up just in time for breakfast!!! We then got coffee with the others at hart coffee (cool place with wall painting). I used the wifi there to finally message mum and mary etc and ben looked up stuff about how to get water out of ur ear bc he has water stuck in there! When we got back he tried using drops to get it out but then just decided to try to call his mum later to see if he should go to the doctor. We went to the same place for lunch that we went on the first day and got the $2 chicken and rice (yum but omg so spicy for me hahahha). Once we got back ben called his mum and she said to go straight to the doctor. I went with ben to the doctor and he had a build up of wax blocking his ear, so they just flushed it out. His ear was also inflamed inside so they gave him some antibiotics to take over the next few days as well. Once we got back we headed out towards the main strip and walked along until we got to a beach spot.

25 November 2017

- got up early af for breakfast (8 lmao) - then dom and leif wanted a massage but the rest of us just chilled at gili breeze - ben and i watched this hectic movie - once the guys got back we regrouped and decided we’d hire canoes and go over to one of the other islands - we went to find a water proof bag for our stuff and then found a place to hire canoes - we chilled there for a bit and got food etc and i got chips, which were very good - then dom went and got us a shroom smoothie and brought it back - it was mixed with red bull and sprite so it tasted decent - after we’d finished it and our food another guy offered us a smoothie so we got another one, this time it was mixed with banana, so it also didn’t taste too bad - before we left to go to another island we got some weed off one of the locals - we then got the kayaks and made our way over to gili memo - the local renting us the kayaks said he best time was 5 mins to get there but mate it took us a LOT longer then that
- i got a tandoori chicken skewer which was v nice - then i got a chocolate lava cake for desert which was AMAZING like omg soo fkn good - then we left and went to a bar and we all got a free shot and then paid for another one - then we went to this reggae and RnB bar and got beers etx - we stayed there and they had live music which was so good - the first live act did classics which was lit - then the second act did reggae he’ll chill songs like don’t worry be happy which was so good and chill to dance to - after a few hours we went to this other bar which were playing song like niggas in paris etc and we stayed there for a bit before heading back - we bumped into these guys who got our boat and talked to them for a bit - then ben and leif got crepes and we went back for a swim - the swim was so nice bc we were sooooo sweaty after dancing - we then went to bed and shit by about 1am SUCH A GOOD DAY
- paddling over was hell nice and it was such a nice day, super sunny and like no clouds so i felt like i was getting roasted - once we got over we went to a certain spot to leave our kayaks and then went out to snorkel - we saw these amazing underwater statues, and some sick fish - then we kayaked over to another part of the island to get food and explore - found out the weed smelt a lot like tea but i think it still had some weed in it - we all got food for lunch after walking around a tiny bit (was so hot we didn’t go far) - we then made our way back but we were all so dead it was such a struggle - we finally got back and headed straight home to chill and nap - ben and i watched another movie and had a short nap before the guys came to wake us up at 7:30 - we went out for dinner to this hell nice place called the beach house i think - we all got skewers, which were slightly expensive but then we got free salad which we could help ourselves too (sooo good omg)

24 November 2017

today we hired bikes and rode to the other side of the island. We got the bikes from where we’re staying (gili breeze). We rode to a nice beach on the other side. Firstly we just chilled there and got drinks and then we went out for a snorkel. I was fkn shitting myself bc i’m terrified of snorkelling. Ben was v nice and looked after me. Getting out was the worst part bc the ground was sooo spikey and hurt to walk on! Once we were out it was nice for a while but i freaked out a couple times but ben helped me. Then i fkn like swam as fast as i could back in ahahha. We then rode around to get lunch and stopped at this place that looked nice. They had a two for one cocktail special on too and we got free drum sticks. Ben and i got nachos and josh and rachael got a seafood platter. The food came and our nachos was tiny :( Ben ended up getting the seafood platter too. We all got cocktails but omg they were so fkn strong, so rank. In the end our meal cost so much!
They charged us a 21% service fee!! fkn bullshit, the service wasn’t even good! We left the place very salty and rode back to gili breeze. Once we got back rachael and i went in the pool and ben and josh went to get dom and leif from the boat. Rachael and i had a good chat and bitch ahaha it was good. We then went out for dinner, ben came with me and i got take away pasta and everyone else got food from the night markets. By the time we got back from getting our food (ben and i) everyone had already finished. We got a mango juice/smoothie before dinner and then while we were eating dom and leif got juices too. We went back he’ll early at like 8:30 bc dom and leif were “soooo tired” (fkn bs not happy) and went in the pool for a bit. Ben and i then just chilled in our room before going to sleep. At some point we stopped at another beach and saw these cool swings and hammocks in the water! but i don’t remember when lmao

23 November 2017

22 November 2017