Greece · 22 Days · 79 Moments · May 2017

Field School in Ancient Corinth

14 June 2017

Out of focus beetle hiking around Acrocorinth
It's been a wild couple of weeks exploring the Peloponnese and I got off habit with posting photos. I'm at the midpoint now and off to the farm! Field school was a valuable and tumultuous experience that I'm happy to have had the chance to attend. The Greek landscape and vegetation is exquisite, and living for a month in such an ancient city was a trip. The kindness and generosity of the folks who live in Ancient Corinth is boundless. But it's time for a different kind of learning now. I'm so jazzed about the next couple of weeks. Lots of photos that are backlogged incoming, and plenty more when I settle in at the farm. I think I'll start a separate "trip" journi to document the new shenanigans.

12 June 2017

These guys are hanging out in all the Daucus

9 June 2017

Favorite picture taken so far! Such an amazing birthday I'm so grateful for all the kind people here
Surprise birthday celebration and amazing cake!!Million thanks to Jo, the badass owner and caretaker of the hotel that we stay at
Birthday outfit

8 June 2017

Sky on fire
Soil color chart. The layers in the stratigraphy vary in color, texture and composition

7 June 2017

The beach a couple hundred meters from the site. Awesome day swimming and chowing on seafood
Fried cuttlefish!! Tastes like scallops
Cooler day on site, on and off rain.

6 June 2017

Cooked dinner for myself tonight 🍛 veggie stirfry
Matching on the sifter

5 June 2017

Super yummy lamb kebab plate
Sun and dust protection!
One of the brand new sifters. All the sediment goes through this guy!
Right before sunrise. Back to work! Long day of excavating, sifting and sorting.

4 June 2017

Beach day by the Gulf of Corinth
Greek graffiti is oddly charming

3 June 2017

Beach sunset in New Corinth 😁
Treasury of Atreus
Underground cistern at Mycenae
Visit to Mycenae and view or the Argolid plains
Lion's Gate at Mycenae

2 June 2017

Stopped into a market at the village that sells ceramics that are beautiful reproductions of museum vases. It's a family business, and we were invited back to meet Dmitri and Tamara and see their workshop!
Ann is part of a two person team at the total station. They take coordinates of important points around our trenches as we work further down. Their work is key for figuring out what artifacts are recovered from which contexts and where they lie in the stratigraphy. This computer sends and receives a laser to someone standing with a prism at each point being recorded, so the exact location, down to the millimeter, can be measured.
Sunrise this morning. Today was our first day of breaking new earth and digging into newly laid out trenches! We have two people digging, two sifting the sediment and looking for artefacts, and one person running buckets back and forth. I got the okay about taking photos of each other in the trenches, so more action shots to come.

1 June 2017

Erica is in charge of the photogrammetry of the site. She'll take lots of photos with the drone over the course of our dig and they can be stitched together later to form 3D maps. She also records how the trenches change as we remove layers of sediment.
Same kitties at the restaurant
Back to work! Ashley with some of our gear. Today we finished removing the backfill and revealed last year's trenches. Lots of cleaning dirt off of other dirt to get them ready for photos.

31 May 2017

Tried watercoloring some rocks from the beach
Went to the shore for a quick tour. Today was the first day working on the trenches. First thing is digging up a ton of backfill from last year's work.
Touring an early Christian basilicca, the largest in the Peloponnese

30 May 2017

Spaghetti cats
Yummy sunrise. Long hot day today, first day digging trenches. No process photos yet cuz we're not allowed :)

29 May 2017

Then a rainbow!!! 🌈
Sunset keyhole 🌌
Lil marshmallow-like flowers
Perfect sunset walk tonight
Temple of Apollo and Acrocorinth
Dionysus and Tyche
Votive offerings for healing the afflicted part of the body
For scraping the oil off muscly men and selling it for medicinal purposes
Sewing, weaving implements, baskets for yarn
Some sillier things
Animal frieze vases at the Corinth Museum
Practicing marking out trenches. They need to be perfectly square and aligned with a side to the north
It's too cool. Plovers are everywhere and they make goofy noises
View of Acrocorinth from the site
Look at how crazy gorgeous this place is!
I get to wake up every morning to catch the sunrise. Here's a view of our site. Just a warning, for NDA reasons I'm not allowed to share photos of the dig itself in process, but some snippets of people and around the site are allowed. Today we toured the site at Lechaion Harbor.

28 May 2017

Climbed up Acrocorinth today! It used to house a temple to Aphrodite
Temple of Apollo (or debatedly Athena) and Peirene baths in Ancient Corinth
Bugs on the hike 🐞
Inside of an old mosque on acrocorinth
Gorgeous hike up the acropolis

27 May 2017

Finally a selfie 😝 with Acrocorinth
Eating so well already. Lamb chops and wild greens. Greek custom is a dessert before the check comes, usually traditional food but these were too cute
Arrived in ancient Corinth today!! It's beautiful!
The term referring to the habit of filling in negative space with filigree is "horror of the void"
More highlights from the museum
The friggin' Antikythera mechanism and a statue from the same shipwreck!
Flowers at the museum
National Archaeological Museum today! Bee smoker, Venus figurines, cycladic figures and frying pans

26 May 2017

Olympic stadium! This stadium is fairly recent and was built in the 1890s
Acropolis museum
So good! This was only 8 euros
More pics from the Acropolis. What's this tree??
View from the Acropolis

25 May 2017

Got lost wandering but ran into this guy
Wandering around the Acropolis
Lamb souvlaki 🐑
The Acropolis from hostel rooftop bar

24 May 2017

First views of Athens 🚕