North America, Australia and Oceania · 463 Days · 55 Moments · November 2017

Mack's Australian Adventure

12 February 2019

Fun island day with some great friends! Found tons of turtles, stumbled on some nemos and rays, got checked out by some baby sharks and found $90. I call that a pretty great day ☀️🏖🌊🏊🏼‍♀️💙

6 February 2019

When your intro group is driving you a little to crazy! But did get to enjoy a lovely rainbow on the ride home 🌈🌊🙄

27 January 2019

It's been a very rainy few days but that hasn't wiped the smile off my face! Or stoped us from celebrating Australia Day!!! 🇦🇺😄☔️❤️ Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

22 January 2019

Frank was certainly feeling very friendly today! He almost knocked me back after charging toward me! But just look at the cute fishy butt! 🐠😘🌊

13 January 2019

Been a fun few days from going fishing 🎣 even if we got more bites than the poles! And spent some time with friends before they head out on their next adventure ❤️

9 January 2019

Working non stop all day every day so definitely have to take advantage of those 5 min breaks when they happen! 💙🐠🌊

7 January 2019

Not many photos but did get one of the sunrise over the Great Barrier Reef yesterday! So happy to have had the chance to get back out on reefy even for one night 😊🌊☀️💙

21 December 2018

Well I definitely made the most of my two days off, lots of adventures with hopefully more to come!!! ☀️🐦💙🐨

8 December 2018

Been busy since I've been back down under! From sight seeing on a sky rail to visiting green island for a chill day! Can't wait to see where the next year takes me!

31 October 2018

Halloween was epic out on the reef! Dove as a superhero all day and had fun with crew. In total we had a wrestler, shark, scream, cat woman and a ghost! Love holidays on reefy, they never disappoint 😊👻🎃💙

14 October 2018

Beautiful stop along the way home from Ayr! Was a little strange to stop in during a UFO Festival but worth it to see the views!

28 September 2018

Although I love my job it's the crew that makes this such an epic place to work! ❤️

14 September 2018

From exploring waterfalls (where I found some sunnys and $2!), to the beach to going out it's been a relaxing few days!! 😎🌊💃🏻

5 September 2018

Been a busy week moving between all three boats being instructor, purser, and chef!! Slowly starting to feel better after my dive injury but excited to finally have a day off and get back underwater as soon as I can!!! 💙🌊🐠

23 August 2018

Another great swing on the GBR ended it with almost glassy weather again which was a treat! The water is starting to warm back up (slowly) so that exciting! Can't wait to head back out 😊🌊💙☀️

7 August 2018

It's been an amazing and busy two weeks!! A lot of work and some fun with the best crew on the reef! Officially certified my first open water course, all three did great and I'm so proud of them!

30 July 2018

Had to say farewell and safe travels to this cutie! Can't believe she's gone but I know we'll cross paths again in the near future, love you Lucy!! ❤️

4 July 2018

Had a great 4th of July in Australia!! Taught people to dance to cotton eye joe and be an American! Fun time celebrating with friends from all over the world! ❤️💙🇺🇸

30 June 2018

Had an amazing few days out on the reef and got to do a lot of diving while making dreams come true! 💙🌊🐠

28 June 2018

I'm finally officially an Open Water Instructor!!! I'll be heading out to Reef Encounter in the morning where I may have the opportunity to teach an open water course or some specialities!! So excited to see what the future holds!

19 June 2018

Spent the other day exploring Babinda Boulders Waterfalls!! Was absolutely freezing water but so worth it to explore such a beautiful site!!! 🌊🏊🏻‍♀️💙

17 May 2018

Been a crazy past few days between working with 20 knot winds, dealing with the occasional fall and finally buying my own mask and fins (yay!). I am officially ready to start the dive instructor course tomorrow and kick some ass!! 🌊😉🐠🇦🇺

1 May 2018

Waffle On was once again amazing!! Spent the day with my girls eating, park naps and laughs. All in all a pretty good day 😊💙

18 April 2018

Waffles, sunshine and diving! Such a great few days and so excited I'm almost done with my DMT!!!

13 April 2018

Had a great swing, officially a dive master so go to run the deck my last day. Stayed busy and passed out after a long cuddle session! 😴🐠💙

3 April 2018

Finally got a picture with the legendary Frank!! And spent my unexpected day off exploring waterfalls and swimming holes! T-minus 14 days till my DMT is over!

2 April 2018

Had bring Reefy in due to a cyclone, its funny that we tell passengers this basically never happens yet here we are 😊 Was a 5 hour ride to Cairns and had to clean ship and secure dive gear inside

27 March 2018

Had 84 passengers on board today and I got to spend both sessions underwater! Both dives were awesome we saw a shark, turtle and a crap ton of nemos!!

19 March 2018

Thanks to all those near and far for making my 25th birthday a memorable one! A special thanks to this crazy crew that has become my second family in Australia!! 💛🇦🇺🐠🐙

20 February 2018

Had one of those rare days where the water looks like glass! Visibility was amazing we could see at least 20 meters down and every dive was awesome! Got to see an Epaulette Sharks, Squids and Isopods on my night dive which was freaking awesome!! Love my job 🇦🇺☀️🐠

8 February 2018

Had a great swing on the Great Barrier Reef!! Finished all my training for rescue diver next step is dive guide! Officially halfway through my traineeship and can't believe how fast it's going by, gonna be sad when it's over. Got to see lots of turtles and came across a silvertip shark which are rare to see and it was huge and awesome!!

1 February 2018

These early morning and afternoon views make my walk to work so much better!!! 🇦🇺☀️🌄

26 January 2018

Happy Australian Day from some of the best crew on the Great Barrier Reef!!!

18 January 2018

Sunrise over Cairns is always beautiful!!! 🌅 getting up early for work is hard but this makes it better! Plus here's a few more pics of the crew from our New Year's Eve dive!! 🌌

1 January 2018

Celebrated New Years Eve the only way you can on a dive boat, with a midnight dive and glow sticks!! Was so much fun and visibility was awesome, definitely worth only getting 4 hours of sleep! Happy 2018!!! 🇦🇺🏊🏻‍♀️🌌⛴

24 December 2017

Week two of work and I'm feeling a lot more confident! It is also Christmas this week and work was super sweet and got presents for everyone! Think I'm gonna like it here 😉 Excited to see where this opportunity takes me in life 🎄🇦🇺🎁☀️

19 December 2017

Made it back to land after a week on the water! It was a lot of work and little sleep but is worth the experience! 🇦🇺💙🌊☀️

10 December 2017

Been exploring the area in my free time and seeing some cool things. The Australian Pelicans are huge compared to those in America and at night all the fruit bats take flight which is so cool to watch.

1 December 2017

Made it Cairns safe and sound! Explored the area and talked to some guys that told me about free tacos to raise support about aid awareness! Watched the tide come in and end the day with dollar hotdogs with new friends and lighting of a Christmas tree!! 🇦🇺🌊🌭🌮🎄

27 November 2017

Did a free tour around the city the other day and got to see and learn some cool stuff about Sydney. And had another Bondi beach day yesterday where I feel asleep and woke up fried. But still enjoying my time! 🏙🏖🇦🇺

24 November 2017

Saw a ton of white cockatoos last night and spent the day on the water and searching for kangaroos to feed them some pasta. We found some and they were more than happy to take it off our hands, such a great day!! 🍝🇦🇺🛥💙

23 November 2017

Stumbled upon a man made pool that is filled by the ocean and basically a cool/safe snorkel pool. Saw a lot of animals and beautiful beaches. Can't wait to see more! 🐙🌊☀️🇦🇺

22 November 2017

Spent the day hiking different islands on the search for wildlife. Found echidna, kangaroos, koalas, lizards and birds. It seems everywhere we go there is something amazing at every turn!! 🇦🇺🐨

21 November 2017

Explored the beaches on Phillip Island and boy were they gorgeous! Ended the day with the penguin parade where we found a wallaby wanting his 5 minutes. Gonna be sad to leave here 🐧🇦🇺☀️🌊💙

20 November 2017

Although the city was different than we expected we made the best of it and had a pretty good visit! Walked the botanical gardens, the docks, parliament and a memorial. Peace out Melbourne! ✌🏼️🇦🇺

17 November 2017

Drove into Canberra (Australia's capital)! We saw the U.S. Embassy (and got questioned by some guards there), went up the needle, visited the Australian War Memorial, saw wild kangaroos and went for a hike. All in all not a bad stop 😊🇦🇺
Thanks for being so wonderful Sydney I'm sure I'll see you again soon!!

14 November 2017

Walked about 14 miles around the city from the botanical gardens, the opera house and all over. It was a lot of walking and we're feeling it today but well worth the views!! 🏙🚶🏻‍♀️

13 November 2017

Spent the day hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, steps down were a little tricky but we made it. Saw the Three Sisters rock formation as well as some other amazing views! ⛰☀️

12 November 2017

Rode the bus everywhere than hiked along the Sydney coastline and checked out amazing views and gorgeous beaches (the water was so blue!) climbed some rocks, almost sat on a giant a** spider and finished off checking out some murals on Bondi Beach! 😎🌊☀️

11 November 2017

From last day in Cairns! Drove around to some waterfalls and went searching for wild kangaroos and platypus's (we found both!) Flew out for Sydney that night 🛫

10 November 2017

Great day feeding wallabies and holding a somewhat cuddly but super cute koala! Spent the rest of the day driving around the Daintree rainforest and got to see some spectacular views! Gonna miss it here, we fly out for Sydney tomorrow evening.

9 November 2017

Started the day with some sun and sea, we got lucky enough to come across 6 sea turtles and got some cool pics. Spent the rest of the day walking around town and got to see hundreds of bats (it's baby season)! Overall a really great day!! ☀️🇦🇺

8 November 2017

Four flights, a rental car and a few wrong turns later we finally made to Carins!

6 November 2017

Getting ready for take off!!! 🛫