Macedonia · 12 Days · 38 Moments · July 2017

Macedonië 2017

28 July 2017

On our way home. The twins in front of us got to help. What a great bunch

27 July 2017

Bane 2, we were the only ones there! We did have a great dessert. Pancake with banana, chocolate and whipped cream

26 July 2017

Our last mixed grill, it was also the best one
More of the church and a cat in a mini church
The church at the cave. Now i was able to make a picture of the frescos
The cave of Preshna. That was ginormous!
Doing pottery with these lovely people. Its the real thing. This grandma was so adorable when i showed her the picture. She didn't speak a word English, but her smile and gestures were amazing

25 July 2017

Mixed grill 😉
We went to Struga today. It was pretty nice

24 July 2017

We went diving again today. We saw some really cool things like pieces of pots and bones

23 July 2017

And some more
More pics
Folklore festival in Ohrid. Had loads of fun. Most acts were from oekraine and Poland. There was also Turkey, Moldova, Hungaria, Slovenia and strangely one group from France
Dinner at Ohrid

22 July 2017

Real macedonian food it tasted amazing
More pics and the village we ate in. We could see two lakes from the top.
More pics
Jeep safari with Alex excursies. Loads of fun
Some of the animals we saw

21 July 2017

Dinner at Bane 1
On the way back on the boat
The springs af st naum. The water was really clear. It seemed like the boats were floating. The water was 10 degrees
St naum

20 July 2017

Our pool at night
Back with the boat
More of Ohrid
Turtles at st sophie
Ohrid walking tour. We saw the way they used to make paper

19 July 2017

Macedonian night at Kaj Mestono. We had a great night. It was good to have a taste of macedonia.
We went diving at the Bay of Bones. It was pretty cool to go through the poles. We saw some small fishes as well. Before we went in the water I was sitting with my legs in the water and the fish came to me. After a while I looked to the right of my feet and saw a watersnake on the steps. That scared the crap out of me. Apparently there are more snakes in the water.

18 July 2017

More of Ohrid
Walking through Ohrid
Great way to wake up

17 July 2017

Sunset in peshtani
Mixed grill
That was close...
Just arrived in Macedonia. We had a good flight. The hotel is good and the man here is nice