France · 4 Days · 5 Moments · April 2018

Lyon, France

26 April 2018

We were picking up the rental car about 930am so dan went and got it while the kids and I went and got coffee and some breakfast. When Dan went to get the car, they didn’t have the car we had reserved (why does that always happen!) so after a while he negotiated a better car, of course! We ended up with a VW Tiguan Allspace which is nearly new and awesome for what we need!! After negotiating our way out of crazy Lyon, Dan doing amazingly, and only getting misdirected by our GPS once, we were en route to the Loire Valley!

25 April 2018

Today we decided to climb the hill to the beautiful Saint Just. The views on the way up were incredible but we had two unhappy children climbing up the steep road! The views were worth it though and the cathedral completely stunning inside. They were lighting candles in the church too which was very emotional even though I’m not religious! As we were walking down we came across the most amazing old theatre called the ancient Theatre of Fourvière which was incredible to see! Lucas and I explored it while Indi and Dan chilled. We went back to the old town for a nice lunch (I am going to forget how to cook!) and then back to the hotel before I went for a shop by myself for a few hours. I got the kids some new outfits and Indi only just decided to walk again after her accident. With Dans encouragement and her new outfit, she was back on her feet, yay! Dinner was nice back by the square and today we finally decided to hire a rental car for the next 4 weeks which we get tomorrow!

24 April 2018

Today we moved hotels into a better area so we didn’t have to cab in and out so much. We are happier to be in the city more! Although the apartment is smaller, the location is key. After dropping our stuff off we went for another walk around the old town. More macarons and a couple of pink donuts for the kids... cue healthy holiday diet... eek! We went and checked out a few clothes shops and I brought some clothes for myself and the kids! For dinner we went back to the area we had dinner at the first night and tried some burgers which were really nice! There was some kind of event in the park so the place we wanted to go was packed. Stunned at the police presence everywhere all the time, especially the military police! They terrify me! Back at the hotel it was funny how little the kids room is, the mattress they’d put in the room was wall to wall. A fun day exploring Lyon though and we are getting more comfortable with our limited French!

23 April 2018

Today we woke up and caught a taxi back into the old town. It was fun exploring and trying to figure out what this city is about! We had the most amazing macarons (Indi even too!) and had a look around the cute shops.. dans fave being the giant lolly shop! After grabbing some croissants/crepes we took a walk down the river. The homes/apartments are amazing to look at, all stacked and bright colours. It’s awesome seeing the things you’ve seen in photos in real life. After we pushed it too far with the kids, we cabbed back to our current hotel (still the Novotel) and Dan and Indi watched Mickeys Christmas on the laptop, while Lucas and I played connect 4 (4 in a row Lucas calls it). Back in a cab, we went back to the old town for dinner. We had our first real French cuisine experience with dan even having frogs legs - yuck! He said they taste like chicken. Traditional Lyonnais food is usually offal so we didn’t delve into that. An awesome night out and day to match!

22 April 2018

Our first impressions of Lyon weren’t the greatest. We arrived via train and proceeded to go and get a taxi - the lady was really rude and we were taken to our hotel. As we pulled up to our hotel (Novotel) we were shocked, it wasn’t what we expected - pretty bad! We checked in and were happy that our room was actually ok - but it just wasn’t sitting right with us yet. We decided to get our togs and go down for a swim only to find out the pool was closed until the day before we left. That’s when we decided we probably should look elsewhere. We ended up going for a walk along the river.. we kept walking until we found somewhere nice, where Dan had looked online. The food was pretty good, so we ate there and then caught a taxi back to our hotel... we looked up places we could stay as it was clear we needed to be near the old town! We knew we’d love it more.